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Your Students’ Classroom Experience

At Applied Educational Systems, we offer interactive e-learning curriculum and services
to health science, computer, and business teachers worldwide.

Covering state and national standards for Health Science courses
Job Seeking, Interviews, Resumes, Professional Communication & More
Microsoft Office, Web Research, Computing Systems & Digital Literacy
Foundational Topics for Business Educators based on NBEA Standards

How are teachers succeeding with AES?

Stay Up-to-Date with Standards

“I know that the information is being updated. For me this is the biggest selling point. It’s not something that you buy now and use for 5 years without updates. It’s updated as new technologies are developed. You can’t do that with a textbook.”
– Sue Lefler
Auburn Career Center, OH

Prepare Students for Certification

Last year’s pass rate on the NCHSE exam was 66%, which put them at 4th in the country. This year, the pass rate was over 75%. “HealthCenter21 was definitely a positive influence on our higher success rate. We went up a good 10%!”
– Maria Sobolewski
Gloucester County Institute of Technology, NJ

Spend More Time with Students

“Business&ITCenter21 saves me the work of creating lesson plans, creating quizzes and grading them, and I have more time and freedom to spend time with the kids who need assistance.”
– Kevin Schachter
Palm Harbor University High School, FL