Tool Not Teacher

Part of overcoming the fear of technology is learning how to properly integrate it into your classroom.  Fortunately, during our phone calls with many of our teachers, it sounds like many of you have already learned the most important lesson when it comes to this integration: It is a tool, not the teacher. I recently

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October 2011 Release

Summary of Updates Content Updates We continue to review and update HealthCenter21 quiz/test questions The hand washing content was updated to instruct students to lather surfaces for “at least 20 seconds” to match CDC recommendations. Feature Updates The license management system has been updates to only use licenses for students actively enrolled in a course. If a student is removed from a course then the student’s license can be reused by another student You can now view a history of all quiz and module test attempts. The history shows when the quiz/test was taken, when it was reset, and the grade for the current quiz/test You can now also mark specific questions on a student’s quiz/test as correct. Regardless of how the question was originally answered by the student. A new warning message is displayed if a student attempts to sign-in again while they are still in a quiz/test. This is to deter students from trying sign-in again and view the curriculum while in a quiz/test. Fixes A problem with exporting grades to an Excel spreadsheet was fixed

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Are You Using Google Docs?

Are you and your students using Google Docs? Should you be? Google Docs was introduced to me during an interview earlier this year with a teacher, Jessica Gehman, who regularly uses technology in her classroom. She described Google Docs to me as "having [Microsoft] Office online." Here is her explanation in her own words:

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Sage on the Stage or Guide on the Side?

If you have a degree in education, then at some point in your career, you probably discussed these two models: “Sage on the Stage” versus “Guide on the Side.” And, at some point, you probably discussed the pros and cons of each as well as what the models look like in the classroom. If you

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Blogs & Facebook

In continuing with our exploration of new technologies to use in the classroom, today we are going to explore Blogs and Facebook.  Both of these are common social media tools that many people use on a daily (or at least weekly) basis. Blogs: What are they?: A blog (shortened form of web log) is similar

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