I know what you’re thinking– summertime blues?! And how in the world do my allied health lesson plans fit into that? I recently read a narrative from a teacher (via NPR)  who admits that she is “a teacher that hates summer vacation.” The more I searched, the more blogs and articles I found where other teachers expressed similar sentiments.

You may agree or disagree, but ultimately, whether you have a summer break or continue to work, summer always seems to be a season of high expectations. And then of course, you’re never completely on break—the need to think about and revise your allied health lesson plans is always hanging out in the back of your mind.

So how do you combine curing the summertime blues and your allied health lesson plans?

Here are 4 ideas to get you started:

  1. Get Pinterested– Find a recipe or craft on Pinterest that you’d like to try, and then do it! While you’re at it, can you find any valuable teacher resources on Pinterest for your allied health lesson plans? Many prominent organizations like the American Heart Association have Pinterest pages that are starting to build some interesting resources. So do many libraries, businesses, and medical facilities. Think about ways you may be able to utilize Pinterest in the classroom. What do your students need to know about how this type of social media impacts their professional lives?
  2. Get Organized– Challenge yourself to find one new way to better organize your personal or professional life. Maybe it’s as basic as organizing “the junk drawer.” Maybe you look at a free web/phone application like Evernote or investigate better time management using Google Calendar. Maybe you sort your bookmarks in your web browser. How does your organizing method relate to a unit on Personal Management Skills in Healthcare or in Business?
  3. Give back– Make a conscious effort to give back to someone. It could include volunteering or making a monetary donation. It could also be a simple gesture like sending unexpected flowers or a card to someone you know has been going through a difficult time. Need some inspiration? Check out this great feature “Wake up Wednesday” that gives readers weekly ideas for new ways to step outside of their comfort  zone and reach out to others. Think about how these types of challenges could help your students improve their communication and soft skills.
  4. Be a tourist– We always equate summer vacation with packing our bags and going on vacation, but I challenge you to take a day or an afternoon to be a tourist in your own town. Go see a local landmark,  museum, or theater that you’ve never visited before. Follow up by eating at a “new to you” restaurant or farmer’s market. Maybe this doesn’t directly link back to your allied health lesson plans, but gosh darn it, don’t you deserve a break?!

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