Computer applications lesson plans for high school seems to be a popular topic.

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Since this is a topic you want to read about, we thought we would make it simple.

Here are five of the best posts on computer applications lessons for high school. Enjoy!





Computer Applications Lesson Plans for High School: Top Five

1. Business and Computer Applications Skills, Who Needs That? Instructional designer Celestial Holmes thinks EVERYONE needs business and computer applications skills. Find out why.

2. What Should Your Computer Applications Lesson Plans Look Like? Here, I talk about what your computer applications lesson plans should include, such as context-rich content, projects, and immediate and on-going feedback.

3. Computer Applications Lesson Plans Help Bridge the Skills Gap A look at the very justified concern that graduating students may not have the skills they need for employability. Lynn Huggins, a career pathways teacher at Merrill F. West High School in Tracy, CA, explains what she does to bridge the disconnect between what students learn and what they need for their futures.

4. Instructional Strategies for Keeping Students Engaged in Computer Applications and Introduction to Business Lesson Plans Angel Shonk, a curriculum developer/instructional designer, shares ideas on keeping students engaged.

5. Is Microsoft IT Academy Certification Enough for Employers? Our product manager, Ken Richard, looks at computer application lesson plans for high school from another angle. He outlines the differences between what a Microsoft IT Academy certification offers versus what an online program like ours can offer.