Applied Educational Systems (You can call us AES)

Are you looking to improve your CTE courses by increasing student engagement and saving time? AES is a great place to start. We provide blended learning curriculum resources for Health Science, Business, and Computer Applications educators.

How does AES help you and your students? Here’s what teachers are saying:

Kathy Regan Teaching

Kathy Regan – Assabet Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School, MA:
“I truly believe that HealthCenter21 meets all of the daily struggles we as teachers face. When a student is absent, as long as they have internet access can remain updated on the instruction.”

Lynn Huggins – Merril F. West High School, CA:
“Business&ITCenter21 is the first bold step towards bridging the big disconnect, the lag between what we are teaching and what students need to know to be successful in the workplace.”

Janet Fabra – Royal Palm Beach High School, FL:
“I find that HealthCenter21 is very beneficial for the students who struggle on the regular classroom tests. It is another way of learning the material and I saw a big improvement in the certification scores.”

Lori Hooper

Lori Hooper – Berrendo Middle School, NM:
“With the little changes that are released, you make Business&ITCenter21 so helpful in the classroom.
Each new change makes life just a little easier and a little easier. The grading and lesson plans… between the two you have saved me countless hours.”

To learn more about our teachers, and how they are incorporating blended learning into their classrooms, check out our Success Stories:

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If you’re not sure what blended learning is or why it belongs in CTE, we have A LOT of articles you can read here.

Our goal in providing these resources is to prepare your students today with the skills to succeed in their careers. You’re here for your students… so are we.

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