E Learning for Healthcare vs. E-Books as Online Resources Blog Feature
Joe Schultz

By: Joe Schultz on February 9th, 2012

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E Learning for Healthcare vs. E-Books as Online Resources

Blended Learning | Health Science

With the announcement by Apple Computer, ebooks are certainly part of discussions in schools.  In addition, the use of the cloud is also gaining momentum in many schools.  So what is the difference between an eBook and elearning for healthcare?  Are they the same?  What should a Health Science or Allied Health program look for in online resources?

E Learning for Healthcare Challenges

There are many challenges to running a blended course where students do much of their learning outside of the classroom. One of the main challenges is facilitating independent learning among different student populations. And, doing this without placing too much of a burden on individual teachers.

Context and Connection

Facilitating independent learning requires not only presenting content, as ebooks do, but also having other features such as questions within the content, quality narration, and periodic quizzes. The best online allied health content systems provide these and other features in a fully integrated system. Something the typical ebook just doesn’t provide.

Easy Implementation

With the best systems, instructors can be up and running, and enrolling students within 30 minutes. Additionally, instructors should also be able to easily manage the display of content. Students should only see content central to the course, so they avoid wading through unrelated content that is always part of the typical ebook. Plus, the instructor should be able to quickly view summative assessment from the curriculum that is automatically graded.

Saves Instructor’s Time

While ebooks provide a wealth of material, they do not provide other helpful tools. The goal of most online resources is to not only provide a wealth of material, but to deliver it in an easy to use, integrated system. A system that helps instructors to meet the challenges of running a blended course.

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