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Ken Richard

By: Ken Richard on May 17th, 2013

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Case Studies for High School Business Courses

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How do MBA programs bridge the gap from theoretical textbook education study to the real world? Case Studies! You can do the same, using case studies for high school business courses.

Case Studies for High School Business Courses

Case studies are a great way to let students have a glimpse into the inner workings of a business. They can help bridge the gap between foundation business concepts and the mock business/competitions organized by FBLA, DECA and Junior Achievement.

My twitter stream has a unique combination of educators and entrepreneurs. Many of the people that I follow posts to nice articles. Once in a while I see an article or web site that I would like to share with teachers (our customers and everyone else) on the Internet.

Under 30 CEO

Today I saw a link about a web site called “Under 30 CEO.” It’s full of articles about young entrepreneurs. The information seems like it would be interesting and relevant for high school age students that are interested in pursuing business education.

One recent article is titled “7 Business Lessons an Entrepreneur can learn from super heros.” You students saw Iron Man 3 last weekend. This is the perfect time to read the article and discuss in the classroom.

Here are a few classroom discussion points to help you get started:

  • How does the advice in the article compare to other information presented in the class room.
  • Pick a different super hero and less the class what they would say about entrepreneurship.

Find the article here:

Be sure to check out other articles on the web site. There are many great ideas to share with your students.




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