iCEV vs. HealthCenter21: Which is Best for Your Classroom? Blog Feature
Laura Posey

By: Laura Posey on April 27th, 2017

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iCEV vs. HealthCenter21: Which is Best for Your Classroom?

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Whether you are experienced or new to the game as a health science technology teacher, chances are you will need to add new instructional materials to your program at some point. In doing so, you will research different textbook publishers (like Cengage and Pearson) and digital curriculum options (like HealthCenter21 and iCEV) to find one that best fits your unique classroom needs.

While our HealthCenter21 curriculum helps thousands of teachers across the US, we understand you want to consider all of your options before selecting new CTE curriculum resources for your health science courses. It is common for CTE teachers to ask us questions like: "If we don't use HealthCenter21, what would you recommend?" and Between HealthCenter21 and iCEV, which curriculum is better?

Your interest in picking the best curriculum is great, but asking “Which is better?” is the wrong question to ask, as each eLearning curriculum system has it’s own specializations and purposes. A better question to consider is: Is iCEV or HealthCenter21 a better fit for me and my students?"

Unfortunately, I cannot answer this question for you, but what I can do is provide a description and explanation of each curriculum to help point you in the right direction. Here at AES we want to make sure that you find the best fit for you, whether it is our curriculum or another.

So, with that being said, I’ll start by diving into some details about the new iCEV online health science program:

What Is the iCEV Online Health Science Program?

iCEV online health science currciulum.jpg

iCEV Online is a digital curriculum from CEV Multimedia that many schools utilize. In some ways it is comparable to HealthCenter21 and in others it is not. The iCEV digital curriculum system covers several educational topics for both secondary school and higher education. For the purpose of this post, however, I will focus on their new Health Science Program.

The image below is a list of all of the curriculum topics that iCEV provides for health science:

iCEV Health Care Topics.jpg

A Look at the iCEV System

iCEV has a number of “Pre-packaged Courses” which can help take away some of the stress and time that is involved in planning your health science courses. If you would prefer to create your own courses, they offer the ability to customize/plan your own, or even do partial customization to the “Pre-packaged Courses.” Each course is outlined in one spot, called the “Lesson Page,” which gives access to the videos, PowerPoints, lessons, and any other resources that may be available for that course.

iCEV aligns their courses to both national and state standards, and provides correlations to their curriculum. You can check out whether iCEV correlates to your state's standards by clicking the “Standards Alignment” button found within the “Course Page.” As I mentioned before, the system also contains all encompassing “Lesson Pages” where the courses are chronologically ordered, but also double to keep everything in one place for ease of use.

The iCEV program also includes an Automatic Grading feature that keeps the amount for work you as an instructor down. Keeping track of grades is one of the most time consuming aspects for teachers. eLearning curriculum providers have been making strides to give teachers back their time, so they can spend more time not only with their student but also with their family and hobbies outside of the classroom.

In comparison to HealthCenter21, iCEV does have less overall customizable features and abilities. However, they supply more content for upper level health science courses, while HealthCenter21 focuses on covering the foundational topics for middle and high school. Even with the limited customization though, iCEV does a lot of the work for their teachers. One special feature is that they review your syllabus to see if they have content to build a course that meets your needs.

What Is HealthCenter21?

healthcenter21 interactive elearning curriculum.jpg

HealthCenter21 is an eLearning curriculum, designed to be used in a blended learning classroom. What is blended learning you ask? Blended learning is a mix between online and traditional teaching methods, allowing students to be introduced to material in multiple ways, helping them to absorb the content. The teaching model used for HealthCenter21 is what we call the 4 Phases, which you can read more about in this article: Tips for Using HealthCenter21

The library of content covers many foundational health science topics and careers. To name a few, HealthCenter21 has content for Health Care Foundations, Medical Office Assistant, and Emergency Medical Services.

The image below is a list of all curriculum topics provided in HealthCenter21:

HealthCenter21 Catalog of Topics.png

A Look at the HealthCenter21 System

The HealthCenter21 content is provided in an entirely cloud-based program, allowing students and instructors to sign-on from anywhere, using any device with a web browser and internet connection.  Instructors create a “Course” containing different sections of curriculum topics, called Modules, either based on the Templates that are already laid out, or they can pick and choose in order to customize.

Like the iCEV curriculum, HealthCenter21 was developed based on state and national standards. For example, the Health Care Foundations Template is based on the National Consortium for Health Science standards. However, there is currently not a way for a teacher to see correlations from within the HealthCenter21 system. To find out if HealthCenter21 correlates to their standards, a teacher needs to ask someone on the AES team.

The content and features within HealthCenter21 speak for themselves, like automatic grading and frequently updated content, which saves a lot of time and headaches for the teacher. Some features that allow detailed customization in each course include:

  • Due Dates
  • Student Pacing Options
  • Customizable Content
  • The Exam Creator / Editor

The curriculum eases the stress of lesson planning by providing lesson plans, activities, PowerPoints, projects, and other resources in addition to the interactive eLearning lessons.

One of the best things about HealthCenter21 is that not only is the content continuously updated but, it is designed with teachers in mind. The features are limited to provide ease of use, yet still offer the ability to customize to your teaching style and to any standards or student needs that you may need to adhere to.

So Which Health Science Curriculum Is Right for You?

Comparison Point HealthCenter21 iCEV Health Science
Content for Grades 7-12 green-checkmark-04.png green-checkmark-04.png
Content for Higher Education 1024px-Red_x.svg.png green-checkmark-04.png
Automatic Grading green-checkmark-04.png green-checkmark-04.png
National Correlations green-checkmark-04.png green-checkmark-04.png
State Correlations Varies By State Varies By State
Continuous Updates green-checkmark-04.png green-checkmark-04.png
Pre-Packaged Courses & Templates green-checkmark-04.png green-checkmark-04.png
Create & Customize Your Own Course green-checkmark-04.png green-checkmark-04.png
Lesson Plans green-checkmark-04.png green-checkmark-04.png
Teacher PowerPoints green-checkmark-04.png green-checkmark-04.png
Interactive Lessons green-checkmark-04.png green-checkmark-04.png
Detailed Customization Features green-checkmark-04.png 1024px-Red_x.svg.png
30 Day Free Trial green-checkmark-04.png green-checkmark-04.png

So, thinking back to the original question of whether iCEV or HealthCenter21 is best for you and your students… it’s up to you to decide. In looking at the comparison chart above, the two are very similar. Both options offer great curriculum for many health science courses.

The biggest differences are the target grade levels for each, and the different features available. Many of the differences between iCEV and HealthCenter21 actually involve what the digital lessons and assessments look like, and how much your students interact with the content.

The best way to figure out which one will fit for your courses is to sign up for a trial of each and test them out in your classroom. Taking the time to try some lessons with your students will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision!

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