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Bri Stauffer

By: Bri Stauffer on April 6th, 2017

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Middle School Electives: 3 Time-Saving Advantages of eLearning

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Middle school electives teachers struggle with spending too much time preparing lesson plans and grading student work. Time spent on these tasks means they have less time to create engaging lessons and activities for students, which are critical for a middle school classroom. As a curriculum developer, we hear from teachers across the country, and understand the frustrations and stresses of trying to save time while giving your students your best!

In this post, I will share how one middle school teacher has been using eLearning curriculum over the past few years and has received these 3 time-saving benefits:

  • No lesson plans to create or maintain
  • No grading of student work
  • Engaging lessons and activities are already done

So what does it look like for Daisy Questell of Liberty Middle School when she saves time by using eLearning curriculum in her courses? In short, here’s her thoughts:

With Business&ITCenter21 there’s no lesson plans to create, no grading, and there are engaging lesson activities for the students. That's our main concern... when we need to sit down and write lessons, and make sure the lessons are engaging, and then we need to grade thousands of papers, that's a turn off.

With AES we don’t have to do that, we have more time to do other things… to do individual teaching, because when the students are working with the eLearning, I can walk around and help individual students. If I’m just in front of the class, with a lesson, I can’t do that.”

Now that you have a general idea of how you could save time with eLearning, let’s review the 3 main benefits Daisy has seen in her middle school classroom.

Saving Time with Ready-to-Use Lesson Plans and Resources

Preparing lesson plans takes too much time.jpg

For every teacher, preparing lesson plans takes up a big chunk of time. This is even more true for those who teach middle school electives, since an elective teacher often has multiple types of classes and a wider variety in the lessons they need to provide.

In Daisy’s courses, she doesn’t have any middle school textbooks to help with create lesson plans, so she was spending a lot of time preparing for her classes. She has found that by using eLearning curriculum with ready-to-use lesson plans it’s been a huge time saver. Daisy knows everything is there and ready for her when she needs it, taking a lot of worry off of her shoulders.

“It's a great help for teachers. Especially when we don't have textbooks. We don't have to sit down and create all these lesson plans to have the classes engaged, because they really like it and they enjoy the lessons. For teachers, I think it's fantastic… Business&ITCenter21 is a lifesaver.”

A bonus for Daisy was finding a curriculum that not only includes lesson plans, but many other resources such as teacher presentations, student worksheets, and activities.

“It is very user friendly, and all the PowerPoints that are available for teachers, I can customize them. Because there are PowerPoints there that I can go and customize... it's easy. With all the work that we have to do, then we don't have to do more.”

No Time Wasted Grading Student Work

Depending on how class schedules are set up, and how many students are in each class, an elective teacher could have literally hundreds of students at once. With all of these students, the number of quizzes, tests, and projects to grade becomes overwhelming very quickly.

Most teachers spend nights and weekends staying caught up on grading… their work day doesn’t end when the last bell rings! For Daisy, one of the big advantages of eLearning has been the automatic grading of quizzes, tests, and exams. Like lesson planning, it’s one less thing she has to worry about.

“I get all the grades from Business&ITCenter21, I export them to Excel, I delete what I don't want, and add to my gradebook. For me, it is a lifesaver. I don't have to grade anything.”

Keeping Students Engaged... Without Extra Work for the Teacher

Sometimes the most elusive and time consuming task is creating lessons and activities that keep students engaged. For a middle school electives teacher, student engagement is like the holy grail of the classroom. Keeping students engaged and interested allows them to learn better, and be more invested in what you are teaching… no matter what the subject is.

Here’s how Daisy’s students have reacted to the eLearning curriculum she uses in her classroom:

“It's a great learning tool, rather than just looking at the textbook and just reading about it, because that doesn't really help you learn. But this is really hands on and engaging.”

“I found that, especially with the Word Skills Project, that was very interesting and interactive. I find that when we work on the projects, they’re more effective and interactive and engaging… We actually get to do hands on experience with it.”

Luckily for Daisy, she didn’t have to spend any time creating the engaging lessons and projects her students enjoy. It was all there for her as part of the curriculum she chose for her classroom!

Learn More About the Advantages of eLearning

In this article I shared 3 time-saving benefits of eLearning for middle school electives teachers, based on one teacher’s experience. There are a number of other advantages that you could benefit from with using an eLearning curriculum. To learn more, read this article: 6 Benefits of eLearning for CTE Programs

If you’d like to learn more about Daisy Questell and how she uses Business&ITCenter21 to succeed in the classroom, read her success story: Preparing Middle School Students for the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

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