How are teachers and schools succeeding with Business&ITCenter21?

With 150,000 students and counting, Business&ITCenter21 is helping teachers overcome challenges every day.

Holcomb Bridge Middle School, GA

Fulton County teacher, William Graham, meets CTAE Georgia performance standards in his middle school classes with Business&ITCenter21.
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Shaw High School, GA

Muscogee County teacher, Lakesha Kirkland, prepares students for industry certifications and meets Georgia Career Pathways.
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Southeast Guilford MS, NC

Guilford County teacher, Bernadette Green, manages and keeps 400 students on task with Business&ITCenter21.
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Parkway Middle School, FL

Osceola County teacher covers important college and career readiness skills with her middle school students using Business&ITCenter21.
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We are really pushing the college and career readiness and most of my courses intertwine with that mindset. Using Business&ITCenter21 from AES just reinforces it. There are the professionalism, business communication modules… Students need to have those skills.
Kelsey Kemp, Parkway Middle School

Berrendo Middle School, NM

Lori Hooper teaches hundreds of students to effectively use the Microsoft Office suite using Business&ITCenter21.
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Grading for sure! That and lesson plans. Between the two you have saved me countless hours.
Lori Hooper, Berrendo Middle School

Shirley C. Heim Middle School, VA

Natalie Walden uses Business&ITCenter21 to keep students engaged, focused, and feeling empowered while learning new topics.
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We want them to take the knowledge from school, take it home and make it useful. Being able to show your math teacher that you know how to do a pie chart is extremely important, that you know how to read and interpret a bar graph is important.

Smith High School, NC

Pamela Bunch uses Business&ITCenter21 to teach her students the soft skills they need for the workplace.
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Newark High School, DE

Edina Buzgon uses Business&ITCenter21 to keep students interested by providing relevant, real-world context for business topics.
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Princeton Community MS, OH

Lillian Willis uses Business&ITCenter21 to teach introductory Microsoft Office skills to her students, who had not previously used Office.
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Palm Harbor University HS, FL

Kevin Schacter saves time with the automatic grading within Business&ITCenter21, so he has more time to help students who need it.
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Some of the things that it’s made easier are grading, because so much of the things are graded for me… It saves me the time of creating and grading the quizzes. I have a lot more freedom to spend time with kids who need assistance.

Merrill F. West High School, CA

Lynn Huggins uses Business&ITCenter21 to cover employability skills to help her students succeed in the workplace.
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Business&ITCenter21 is the first bold step in bridging the big disconnect – the lag between what we are teaching and what students need to know to be successful in the workplace.