Career Readiness Curriculum

Career Readiness Curriculum Resources

Instructors teaching college and career readiness skills often face challenges when trying to incorporate new resources into their career readiness curriculum. Get some tips and ideas from the resources below.

Career Readiness Curriculum Resources

Top Career Readiness Skills to Teach

Don’t know what employability skills to teach? Read this free checklist of the Top 20 Skills Every Middle School Educator Should Cover

Meet Ohio Career Readiness Standards

Are you a career readiness teacher in Ohio? Read this Strand 1 Teaching Guide to make sure you meet the standards.

Keep Your Students Engaged

Read this free ebook to learn how to keep your students engaged: The Do’s & Dont’s for Student Engagement

Articles About Career Readiness Skills

Employability Skills Lesson Plans

Are you in search of engaging employability skills lessons for your students? Start here.

Career Exploration and Preparation

Read why career exploration lessons are critical and where you can find some great activities.

Ultimate Guide to Career Readiness

Learn how to be a career readiness lesson plans master in your classroom.