Computer Applications Curriculum Resources

Computer Applications Curriculum Resources

As a computer applications teacher, finding lessons and resources to add more engaging content to your computer applications curriculum can be tough! Get tips and ideas from the resources below.

Free Computer Applications Lesson Plans

Fun with Fonts

This lesson plan is designed to help your students get started with Microsoft Word and includes a hands-on flyer project.

Web Research

This lesson explains how to verify content found on the web, including: Relevance, Accuracy, Authority, Comprehensiveness, and Bias.

Microsoft Excel Lesson Plan

This lesson plan will give your students an Introduction to Microsoft Excel and help them learn the basics of the application.

Other Computer Applications Curriculum Resources

Resolve Your Biggest Challenges

Learn how to Resolve the 6 Biggest Challenges in Computer Applications Courses by reading this free whitepaper.

Top 10 Facts About IC3 Certification

Read this IC3 Certification Checklist to learn the Top 10 Facts About IC3 to help your students succeed.

Keep Your Students Engaged

Read this free ebook to learn how to keep your students engaged: The Do’s & Don’ts of Student Engagement

Computer Applications Lesson Plans

Read the Ultimate Guide to Computer Applications Lesson Plans for tips and best practices for your courses.

Microsoft Office Lesson Plans

Keep your students engaged and interested with great lesson plans and ideas for Microsoft Office applications.