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If you have questions about our blended resources, you have a couple of options to get in touch with the AES team:

Give us a call at 800-220-2175 ext. 8

Send support an email:

No phone? Room full of students you can’t ignore? Click here to start chatting:

Our support staff is available to help you Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, EST.
If it’s “after hours,” don’t worry. Leave a message via phone, chat, or email and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Holy Guacamole, I’m exceeding my licenses. What do I do!?

A: Check out this page to learn about exceeding licenses and how to avoid them.

If you are legitimately at your limit, don’t worry! Just call us at 800-220-2175 ext. 8 and we will help you get squared away.


Q: My student forgot their password, now what?

A: Don’t worry, it’s an easy fix! Click Here to learn how to reset a student’s password.


Q: I accidentally enrolled my student into the Awesome Course instead of the Stellar Course. Help! 

A: Don’t worry, it’s really easy to move a student from one course to another. Click Here to open the guide for moving students.


Notice a trend there? Don’t worry. It’s no accident. We are here to help with these and any other issues you might encounter. We’ve been told we kinda rock at this.