About AES

Developing digital curriculum is what we do. Empowering lifelong learners is why we do it.

Who Is AES?

We're not just another curriculum vendor looking for your business.

We're real people with a passion for education and a belief that lifelong learning sets people free.

At AES, our goal is to listen and understand the challenges you face so we can help you and your students be successful.

By partnering with schools, we hope to support CTE students through better learning experiences today and more career opportunities tomorrow.


Our Promise to You

Our Core Values

Always Be Learning

To provide the best services for our teachers, we strive to constantly improve ourselves and grow our knowledge.

Whether it's keeping up with the latest changes in the industry or bettering ourselves professionally, "always be learning" is a part of who we are.

Above & Beyond

AES thrives on collaboration among team members.

We know how important each person's work is to accomplishing our mission. So when someone needs a little extra help to get things done, you know we'll work together to make it happen.

Organizations We Partner With