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7 Questions Every Admin Asks

Learn the answers to the most common questions we hear from administrators in your position!

What Does AES Do?

At AES, we offer digital curriculum systems that help educators teach students more effectively. 

Digital curriculum is one of the newest and most powerful teaching tools available today. Specifically, AES's digital curriculum helps teachers with: 

  • Classroom management
  • Lesson planning
  • Assessment grading
  • Certification prep
  • Reinforcement
  • And more!

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Does AES Help with Certifications?


If you want to see how, you can find our guides to specific certifications right here on our website. 

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AES Certifications

"I got AES to help teachers be better teachers... Right now, when it comes to preparing the students, the way we use AES is for curriculum reinforcement, remediation, and industry certification. I'm using it in 3 different ways."

How Does AES Structure Curriculum?

For 32 years, AES has used the four phases of learning to introduce students to new information and help them retain it long-term. Here's how it works!

Learn More about the Four Phases

Who Else Is Using AES?

More than 3,000 teachers use AES every school year. 

Altogether, they've taught more than 1,000,000 students by using AES's digital curriculum!

Administrators love that teachers can improve in the classroom.

Teachers love that students have a new method of learning.

Students love that they can learn relevant, up-to-date information that helps them in their futures. 

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What's Included in AES's Curriculum?

The AES digital curriculum system comes with thousands of pre-made classroom resources and features. 

You get hundreds of curriculum hours with your purchase. 

You also get dozens of features, like automatic grading, student activity tracking, and a huge variety of reports. 

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Learn about the AES Curriculum

7 Wildly Successful (& Ultra-Easy) Teacher Retention Methods

Does teacher turnover drive you crazy? You're not alone! 

Administrators across the country have the same problem — how do I keep my best teachers

Fortunately, you have options. It's just a matter of learning them!

Check out seven teacher retention methods you can try today!

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How Do I Buy?

If you're ready to start talking numbers, we're ready too! 

Just pick the product you'd like to purchase, fill out the quote request form, and one of our account executives will be in touch!

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Try AES Yourself & Get Your Teachers Started!

If you want to get first-hand experience with the AES digital curriculum, we have good news! 

You and your teachers can try our curriculum for free for 30 days.

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