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Ken Richard

By: Ken Richard on August 26th, 2013

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Middle School Cyber Bullying Lessons

Cyber Bullying | Digital Citizenship | Middle School

Cynthia is a middle school teacher from California with a major interest in cyber bullying and cyber bullying prevention. 

She had one excellent question that stuck out in my mind and inspired me to find an answer. 

Have any additional things been added to the Security and Ethics lessons that have to do with cyber bullying? Since I am teaching 8th grade students, this is an extremely important subject for them to learn about.

Cyber bullying is an important topic and I felt that other teachers could benefit from any information that I could share.

I started (like I start all of my research these days) with a Google search. The search term "Free Cyber Bullying Lessons" turned up some information that you might find useful.

1. Cyber Bullying Lessons (Common Sense Media)


The first site on the list (other than the advertisements for cyber schools) was for a site called Common Sense Media.

This is a site that I have personally used when my children were younger. The site has information for parents about movies, books, games and more.

They also have a web page called the Cyber Bullying Toolkit.

It is divided into sections for elementary schools, middle schools and high schools.

There is information for teachers, students and parents.

The site includes some good information and also includes links to other free online resources.

2. Cyber Bulling (InCtrl)

Group of students in computers room-2

InCtrl has a short cyber bullying curriculum that includes a lesson plan and two videos. 

The videos include doctors and professional researchers who weigh in on the phenomenon of cyber bullying. 

They cover symptoms of cyber bullying, how to detect it, how to react to it, and how to help students who are the victims. 

To cover all their bases, InCtrl also has intro videos for both teachers and students. 

With all of this in one place (and free), it's an ideal starting place for your cyber bullying curriculum. 

3. Understanding and Addressing Online Cruelty (Anti-Defamation League)


The Anti-Defamation League has a series of cyber bullying resources that help you and your students understand, detect, and remedy these situations. 

The ADL also lets you download portions of their cyber bullying unit if you only want supplemental resources instead of a full lesson. 

They also offer statistics, infographics, and Spanish-language resources. 

Overall, it's a comprehensive and helpful resource that works great in any cyber bullying curriculum. 

Cyber Bullying Is Just One Part of Digital Citizenship


Cyber bullying awareness and prevention fits into the scope of good digital citizenship. 

In a nutshell, digital citizenship teaches students how to act responsibly and ethically online. 

It's an essential part of 21st Century learning, especially for students who grew up with the Internet. 

You can start teaching digital citizenship as a whole today with Business&ITCenter21! 

Just check out our module to learn more.

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