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Ken Richard

By: Ken Richard on January 22nd, 2014

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The Best Way to Teach Entrepreneurship to High School Students


The startup billionaires like Facebook, Twitter, and Groupon dominate the business headlines.

Could you do a better job with your entrepreneurship lesson plans? What's the best way to teach entrepreneurship to high school students?

Let's start by looking at the traditional methods. After that I will share a few videos and concepts that will blow your mind.

Blending Business Textbooks & Virtual Business Education Software

Business teachers know all about blended learning, even if they don't call it blended learning. Nobody sticks to the textbook when teaching entrepreneurship. Most teachers will supplement lectures and textbook readings with a program like Virtual Business from Knowledge Matters.

Most of the people reading this article already know about Virtual Experience and how it can make entrepreneurship more engaging than a textbook alone.

FBLA - Future Business Leaders of America

The FBLA local, state, regional, and national events provide great experiences for those students that want to go the extra mile. Your top performers should absolutely be enrolled into these programs, where they will have the opportunity to complete against students from across the country.

The FBLA (and other student organizations like DECA) do require lot of extra work and may not be for all students.

Online Business Lessons


Many teachers are starting to replace textbook with online materials. The online materials usually include engaging multimedia lessons, projects, and automatically graded quizzes.

There are many new companies entering this field, including the traditional textbook publishers. A few companies to check out are Edgenuity, Odysseyware, and Pearson.

Of course, Applied Educational Systems provides a pretty nice set of introductory business modules that you should check out if you are looking for resources.

None of these resources are going to provide a the best possible entrepreneurship education on their own. That's true for the textbooks, virtual simulations, student competitions and online courseware.

To be honest, even our own online resources won't provide the best education all by itself.

Start with the Dollar Shave Guy

You know the story of the dollar shave guy right? He took an ordinary product that every man needs and buys at the grocery store and turned it into a successful subscription business.

There are lots of people that have tried this formula to play around with starting a business.

What about High School Students?


Your students could do the same thing. Put students into small groups. Take any product that people buy regularly from the grocery store. Use the formulas spelled out in the beef jerky challenge.

Maybe one of your students will be the toothpaste or toilet paper mogul!

Start Teaching Entrepreneurship in Your High School Classroom


Do you want to start teaching entrepreneurship to your students? 

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