High School Business Curriculum Textbooks vs. Digital Content Blog Feature
Jim Schultz

By: Jim Schultz on March 12th, 2014

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High School Business Curriculum Textbooks vs. Digital Content

Business Education

Each year, we at Applied Educational Systems talk and meet with hundreds of Business Education teachers throughout the United States. This is the best part of the job, asking questions and listening to the challenges and issues of administrators and teachers in CTE and elective courses.

And because so many folks know our thoughts and feelings on all things in "high school business curriculum," they often ask us about the differences between textbooks, eBooks and the content we are offering on the cloud.

This is a question we can appreciate because teachers involved in high school business curriculum have a difficult time finding anything on the web talking about the differences and providing information to help them find what would be the best for their different situations.

High School Business Curriculum

To address this frequent question, I decided to write an article trying to explain some of the major differences between these three categories of instructional materials for high school business curriculum.

What are the differences between a textbook and an eBook?

There are different opinions regarding the effectiveness of different platforms that exist. A textbook, the old standard tool and status quo for a high school business curriculum has advantages and disadvantages. It depends on each school's goals and budget.

Today, eBooks, with the advent of the Kindle and tablets, have exploded for consumers. The growth has led to eBooks being offered first at the university level and then in high schools. This included eBooks for use in high school business curriculum.

Unlike textbooks, eBooks can provide a more customized control over the business education curriculum. Custom options may include removal of content that won’t be covered. On average, eBooks costs less than a textbook. Also, eBooks appeal to today’s environmentally concerned, green oriented society.

Differences in Web-based eLearning Business Education Content

high school business curriculumOne difference in our Business&ITCenter21 content is problem solving scenarios. The scenarios provide the ability to build engagement with context that is relevant for high school students in an elective business education course.  Scenarios can take standards for the course into a context that is real and connected for a 16 year old student.

eLearning problem solving scenarios provide the opportunity for the teacher to use it in a variety of ways in a classroom allowing for customization.  The scenarios provide the opportunity for creative application of the content by the students as they work through the problem.

So these are some of the differences to consider when comparing digital curriculum and textbooks for your high school business curriculum. The most important thing is to select tools that address your biggest challenge in your courses and program.


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