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Sarah Layton

By: Sarah Layton on October 7th, 2014

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Computer Applications Lesson Plans: Fun Projects

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When I was in school, the worst thing a teacher could say was, "Today we are going to start a project..." And the reason why was because in my mind, projects equal work. And isn't that really the point?

Projects tend to mean no free rides. They are more than show what you know. They are apply what you've learned and demonstrate that you understand. So don't be surprised if your students look a little put out when you get to the project portions of your computer applications lesson plans.

But here's the remarkable part...those unenthusiastic looks often turn into attentive eyes and excited conversations as students begin to realize what they can accomplish with what they've learned. I know I always did the more I got involved in any project I was assigned.

Fun Projects for Your Computer Applications Lesson Plans

Here are some of the projects included in Business&ITCenter21 that you can include in your computer applications lesson plans.

Microsoft Word Skills Project

In this module students select one of four topics and then create a Word document based on that topic. They are given four options: a Cookbook, Favorite TV Shows, Favorite Video/App Games, or Heroes. Students research, draft and revise their documents.

During the revision phase of the project, students can do a peer review. They also organize their document using lists and tables, and enhance it using text boxes and shapes. After all the revisions are complete, a final edit is done before the document is prepared and then published as a PDF. Specifically, the units they complete include:

  • Research and Draft a Document
  • Peer Review a Document
  • Revise, Edit, and Publish a Document

Microsoft Excel Skills Project

In this module, students learn how to use Microsoft Excel through a series of hands on activities. The activities are based around a scenario where students help a local sports club determine their profits for four food stands they operate. This module has four units built around this scenario:
  • Worksheet Data and Cells
  • Functions, Formulas, and Tables
  • Workbooks, Worksheets and Charts
  • What-If Analysis and Printing

Microsoft PowerPoint Skills Project

In this module students create a PowerPoint presentation from scratch. Students select a topic, define their objectives and start building a presentation. Students will follow a defined process for planning and creating presentations. Along the way they will learn new PowerPoint skills covering areas such as creating outlines, adjusting images, animations and transitions. These are the units they complete:

  • Start Your Presentation
  • Build Slides and Format Objects
  • Animations, Transitions, and Final Review

Do you want to try these three Microsoft Office projects in your computer classroom? Sign up for a trial of Business&ITCenter21:

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