Health Science Curriculum: Worksheets are Back! Blog Feature
Sarah Layton

By: Sarah Layton on October 6th, 2014

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Health Science Curriculum: Worksheets are Back!

Health Science

What was old is new once again. When we talk about blended learning, people often think that means getting rid of everything you've done and starting all over again. Not so! Our experience developing curriculum software has taught us that blending some of the old with the new is a great way to make content stick for students.

That's why we've spent some time developing study guide worksheets to go along with our online health science curriculum. That's right...the good 'ole worksheet is back!

Note-Taking, Worksheets, and Health Science Curriculum

As I was looking into some information about note-taking, I came across this comment in Greater Greater Education:

"Instruction that relies on technology has its place, but it's possible that many of its touted benefits—like getting kids to "own" their learning—can be achieved through old-fashioned, cheaper methods. And in the case of note-taking, those methods may actually work better."

So, after talking to a lot of teachers, we've taken the benefits of online learning and now added the benefit of  "old-fashioned" methods with worksheets that help reinforce student learning, and hopefully direct them towards better independent note-taking that will help them in higher education and in the work force.

The In's, Out's, Up's and Down's

The article also said, "Research has found that students who take notes and then review them recall more material and score higher on tests." That being the case, it seems like a good idea to cover all the bases.

health science curriculumAnd apparently, students are rarely taught note-taking skills, as national and state standards have expanded to such great proportions, they leave little time for teaching these types of skills.

The article goes on to explain that "guided" notes where students fill-in-the-blanks do not best serve students and their learning. That's one thing I love about the worksheets we've recently developed.

They ask questions like "What parts are medical terms divided into?" and "What is multiple sclerosis? What are the causes, symptoms and treatments?" No simple fill-in-the-blanks there. Students must construct an answer.

For teachers, we've included answer sheets to the worksheets so that they can be collected and graded, or simply just to go over in class as a review for a quiz or test.

When you think blended learning, don't jump to the conclusion that you need to trash all your worksheets and other tools that you've been using. Keep in mind that some of the tried-and-true classic methods can be successfully combined with new technologies to create effective health science curriculum.

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