Source #1. Online Curriculum Services


The best software as a service options will provide you with engaging, interactive, and up-to-date curriculum.

The content is designed to teach students basic and intermediate Microsoft Office skills.

After content is presented, students can take quizzes. Later, module tests verify their achievement in the content areas.

Not only will these programs provide the curriculum, but also a grade book.

The grade book helps you gauge how well your students are learning and understanding the content. You can reset quizzes and test and allow students to take them over as needed.

The best part, both you and your students can access the program anytime, anywhere.

In our own Business&ITCenter21, students will learn the fundamentals of Microsoft PowerPoint. 

This includes adding slides, changing slide views and themes, spell checking, creating text boxes, adding WordArt, inserting clip art and audio clips, and defining hyperlinks and Action Buttons.

Students will also learn how to create effective presentations and practice skills through several hands on activities.

They’ll begin with the Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint unit where students will learn how to use basic features of Microsoft PowerPoint and how to create effective presentations.

Specific topics covered include: themes, views, slide layout, clip art, photographs, spell checking and audio clips. They’ll do that in these lessons:

Lesson 1- Microsoft PowerPoint Tour 

  • Define Multimedia Presentation
  • Recognize parts of the screen
  • Create a blank presentation
  • Create a presentation from a template
  • Adjust PowerPoint views
  • Change the theme

Lesson 2- Microsoft PowerPoint Basics 

  • Insert a slide
  • Change a slide layout
  • Insert and format Clip Art
  • Insert and format graphics
  • Insert and adjust audio clips
  • Insert photographs from a file
  • Move and resize pictures
  • Perform spell checking

Lesson 3- Effective Presentations 

  • Describe several tips used to create effective presentations


Then they’ll move on to the Text Boxes, Links, & Graphics unit. Students will continue learning the basics of PowerPoint through two hands on assignments.

Specifically, students will learn about text boxes, clip art, shapes, WordArt, hyperlinks, and Action Buttons.

Students will download and use images from a ZIP file and create a PowerPoint Photo Album with captions.

To achieve that, they’ll do this:

Lesson 1 - Game Show, Part 1

  • Use textboxes and WordArt
  • Define hyperlinks
  • Insert Action Buttons

Lesson 2 - Game Show, Part 2

  • Use textboxes and WordArt
  • Use clip art

Lesson 3 – Photo Album

  • Download and unzip an image file
  • Create a Photo Album using external images
  • Change the layout of several photos
  • Add captions to describe the photos
  • Add shapes, including callouts, to enhance the photos


Teachers and students can follow the Fundamentals module up with the Microsoft PowerPoint Skills Project and the Microsoft PowerPoint Business Project modules.

Source #2. Microsoft Education


Another option for PowerPoint lessons is Microsoft’s own Education program.

Technically, Microsoft Education is a digital platform with tons of integrated tools that let you teach Microsoft Office and other computer skills. 

You'll also find a variety of new apps, coding opportunities, and other technology-oriented lessons. They'll even give you a copy of Microsoft Office for free with your school email address!

Microsoft Education also offers opportunities with Minecraft — the revolutionary construction-oriented game that's taken the world by storm — among other properties it owns. 

In a nutshell, Microsoft Education gives you a ton of opportunities to supplement your PowerPoint curriculum. 

You could almost build a full computer education course based on the tools that Microsoft gives you, depending on what you need to include in your curriculum. 

But while Microsoft is a great source for creating new lessons, it may not always identify with your pain points in teaching. 

For PowerPoint lessons from those in education, you can check out online communities and blogs. 

Source #3. Online Communities and Blogs


No one understands teaching like other teachers.

That's why it's so important to look at teaching blogs to keep up with what your colleagues are doing in their Microsoft PowerPoint lessons.

We have a lot of PowerPoint lesson plans here at AES. But you should also keep up with other blogs, including: 

  1. Learning Is Messy
  2. Electric Teacher

These are just three examples, but you can easily find other teaching blogs any time you want — especially when it comes to teaching PowerPoint!

Is Business&ITCenter21 Right for You?

Business&ITCenter21 is built from scratch to help you teach computer applications. 

It comes with pre-made lessons, automatic grading, and student tracking built right into your curriculum. 

Your students can work at their own paces or follow your lead — it's all up to you!

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