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Bri Stauffer

By: Bri Stauffer on February 18th, 2015

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How to Help Your Students Prep for MOS Certification Tests

Computer Applications | Microsoft Word | Microsoft Office | Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

We cover many Microsoft Office applications in our curriculum, and we often receive the question “How can I prepare my students for the Microsoft Office Specialist Word 2013 Exam?”

Though we may not cover every bit of content your students need to know in order to become a Microsoft Office Specialist, we can certainly help them prepare.

When searching for resources and curriculum to help prepare your students for the MOS: Microsoft Office Word 2013 Exam, it’s important to understand the difference between test preparation material and a full curriculum framework.

Test Preparation Materials for Microsoft Word 2013 Exam

Some teachers focus on the end-goal of students passing the MOS Word 2013 Exam and really just want resources and materials that are made for preparing their students for certification.

Certification test prep materials are specifically designed to help your students pass the Microsoft Office Specialist tests and can be very beneficial for students who have mastered the basics of the application.

Students who are preparing for the Word 2013 Exam need more knowledge of the specialized skills related to configuring and customizing Microsoft Word, so having that material can really help them.

Microsoft Office Word 2013 Curriculum

If you want to give your students hands-on activities that help to put Microsoft Word into real-world context then you are probably looking for more than just test prep material to help your students pass the MOS Word 2013 Exam.

We know certification is still important to you, but you also want your students to be able to apply what they’ve learned to what they will be doing in the workforce.

That’s what makes Business&ITCenter21 more than just prep material to get your students certified.

Business&ITCenter21 was designed to help your students acquire fundamental computer skills that they will need for success in their academic and professional lives.

Part of the curriculum includes projects which are designed to introduce skills and let your students practice.

We also cover Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Access. As well as Microsoft Publisher, which is not part of the core Microsoft Office Certification tests.

One other difference between test preparation materials and a full curriculum resource is the use of formative assessment to ensure students understand the content as it is presented.

Having both formative and summative assessments can help your students retain information and see where they may need assistance.

How to Prepare Students for CertificationMicrosoft Office Specialist Word 2013 Certification

Helping your students prepare for the MOS Word 2013 Exam doesn’t have to be an either/or of choosing between a core curriculum and test prep materials.

Many educators find success by integrating the two.

One way to include both resources is to start by creating a firm foundation with the curriculum content.

Once your students have a firm grasp on the foundational skills needed and understand how to apply what they have learned, begin to introduce your test prep materials.

Finding that fine line depends on how much your students already know about Microsoft applications, and at what grade level they currently are.

Middle school students will learn differently than students in 11th or 12th grade.

Younger students will also most likely need more of a base to start from before diving into the details of test prep materials.

Long story short, there’s no “best way” to help your students prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist: Word 2013 Exam.

It all depends what needs you and your students have, and what amount of foundational content should be included when helping your students prepare.

Whatever balance you choose, make sure you are covering all of the areas that will be on the exam.

You can read what is on Exam 77-418 for Word 2013, or look at our graphic to double-check you cover all of the right topics.

You can also try a digital curriculum today!

MOS Prep for the Modern Classroom: Digital Curriculum

If students have to take certification tests on a computer, it only makes sense that they learn on a computer too!

That's what Business&ITCenter21 does. 

With it, your students work through lessons individually, together, or as a classroom, depending on how you want to run your classroom. 

No matter your choice, you'll get results. 

In fact, Lakesha Kirkland started using Business&ITCenter21 for Shaw High School's MOS certification already. Today, they're the #1 school in Georgia for MOS certifications! 

Want to see how Lakesha did it? 

Read her story now!

Read Lakesha's Story >


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