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Bri Stauffer

By: Bri Stauffer on March 24th, 2015

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12 Terrific Marketing Lesson Plans for Busy Teachers

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If you’re like most business educators, you’ve probably asked yourself or others “Where can I find some good marketing lesson plans for high school students?” 

We know you don’t mean the same ones from your decades-old textbook.

You want relevant, engaging lessons to help your students grow their knowledge of marketing.

So where do we begin? I’m going to break it down into the different areas that you most likely cover in your high school marketing lessons. These are some of the most popular ones:

  • Marketing Mix
  • Sports & Entertainment Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Projects

Marketing Mix Lesson Plans

When teaching the principles of marketing, one of the key pieces is covering the 4-Ps of the marketing mix. Covering this fundamental piece requires some pretty well thought-out lessons. Here are some you should check out:

#1. We All Scream for Ice Cream

One lesson I stumbled across is called We All Scream for Ice Cream! A Marketing Plan. It’s an activity that involves your students using their knowledge of the 4-Ps of the marketing mix.

It comes with a student worksheet that you can use as a base for incorporating into your own lesson plans.

#2. George Academics

This teacher’s site has some amazing marketing lesson plans, including ones that cover the marketing mix. If you’re stuck in a rut, I’m sure you could get some inspiration from him.

#3. Teachers Pay Teachers

Another place to look is Teachers Pay Teachers. If you’ve never used it, it can be a great resource if you have a little bit of time and a few dollars. Here’s one marketing mix lesson I found on it.

#4. AES's Marketing Module

Though we don’t have enough content available for a full marketing course, many instructors are using our Marketing Module to introduce the fundamentals to their students.

In the Marketing Module, students explore the principles of marketing, product planning, and pricing and promotion strategies. They learn about customer relations, market segmentation, product life cycle, product mix, branding, product packaging, pricing, promotion & distribution. As a final exercise, students design and implement a package project using Microsoft Word.

Unit: Product Planning

In this unit, students explore various aspects of product planning. They discuss the product life cycle and identify ways to manage the product mix. They classify products as goods or services and as consumer or B2B products. Students also discover the role of branding in building loyal customers and recognize multiple purposes for product packaging.

Unit: Principles of Marketing

In this unit, students explore various principles of marketing. They describe marketing and how it has evolved and discuss buyer behaviors. They learn about marketing plans, market segmentation and the 4-P's of the marketing mix. Finally, student will be able to identify types of economic utility and some positive and negative impacts of marketing.

Unit: Pricing, Promotion & Distribution

In this unit, students learn about pricing and promotion of products and services. In terms of distribution, students learn how "place" concerns determining how to get the product to the right people, in the right amounts, and at the right time and place. Finally, channels of distribution and physical distribution are explored.

Unit: Juice Box Package Design

Juice-Tree is a company that sells fruit juices nationwide. They have traditionally sold their juice in plastic bottles. Now they want to repackage their product to better compete with other juices on the market. They want to sell their juice in single-serving juice boxes. They also want to update their image to better attract children and their parents to buy their juice products. Students help Juice-Tree by designing a juice box package that meets the marketing requirements of the company.

Free Principles of Marketing Lesson Plans

Sports and Entertainment Marketing Lesson Plans

When searching for some input from business educators on how they teach marketing, I emailed a few teachers and also took to Twitter. A number of the teachers said that they specifically teach Sports and Entertainment Marketing.


Shannon was just one of many. So where can you find Sports and Entertainment Marketing lesson plans?

There are a lot of hidden goodies out there, but they are REALLY hidden. Here are a few that you may find useful:

#5. Georgia Marketing Education Association

The Georgia Marketing Education Association has some sports and entertainment marketing activities. They include a scenario based project you could try in your classroom, as well as a few smaller activities

#6. Teachers Pay Teachers

If you know what to search for, Teachers Pay Teachers can be helpful in finding lessons and projects relating to sports and entertainment marketing as well. Here's one of many listed.

Marketing Research Lesson Plans

Though Marketing Research isn’t as exciting as talking about sports and entertainment to many students, it’s still an integral part of the foundation your students need. So where can you find some marketing research lesson plans?

#8. George Academics

As I said in the Marketing Mix section, this teacher’s site is seriously PACKED with marketing lesson plan goodies. It’s one of the few really good ones that has some lessons on marketing research. Take a look and see if you could use his ideas in your classroom!

#9. Knowledge@Wharton

The other resource I found with usable marketing research lesson plans is from Knowledge@Wharton. There are 2 lessons on marketing research to introduce your students to the basics. You can access these lesson plans by registering for free.

High School Marketing Projects

Your marketing lesson plans would be incompletely without some projects for your students! Using project based learning in business lessons to take the concepts and ideas and actually put them to use is very important. If you need some high school marketing projects, try one of these:

#10. Marketing Mix Project

 Marketing Mix Project - This project is a full lesson/project that allows your students to integrate what they have learned about the Marketing Mix. You can access the project by registering for free.

#11. Garnet Valley Schools

Yet again, a business instructor has done a ton of work on creating lesson plans and high school marketing projects. This teacher has some great projects that you should try in your own classes.

#12. Business&ITCenter21

Along with the Marketing Module, Business&ITCenter21 has a Marketing Project that instructors use after their students have completed the module.

In the Marketing Project, the student takes the role of a young marketing professional working for a small company. The company is creating a marketing plan for King Street Theater's new IMAX theater complex. The student has to outline several promotional ideas for the IMAX Theater and create a new brand for King Street. The student also has to design two items using the new brand information.

Unit: IMAX Theater Project

In this project the student takes the role of a young marketing professional working for a small company. The company has a contract with King Street Theater to create a marketing plan for the new IMAX theater complex. The student's boss wants the student to create a presentation outlining promotional ideas and a new brand for the marketing plan. The student also has to design two items using the new brand information.

Tips from Marketing Teachers for Business Education Lesson Plans

Getting to engage in quick conversations with marketing teachers, I got a few tips that could help you when updating not only your marketing lessons, but your business education lesson plans in general.

Make it relevant to your students' lives

"When the unit is assigned I give them a very basic "What is (unit name)" and we discuss it from a very personal standpoint of what and how do you see this in your life." - Mike Hoffman, Pacifica HS, CA

Engaging your students will help them learn


Do you want to start teaching marketing to your students? 

Check out our marketing module in Business&ITCenter21!

Check Out Our Marketing Module


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