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Sarah Layton

By: Sarah Layton on April 29th, 2015

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6 Premium Lessons to Teach Microsoft Access Like a Pro

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Is teaching Microsoft Access the Achilles' heel of your computer applications lesson plans? Are your searches for Microsoft Access exercises coming up blank? Maybe teaching Microsoft Access or database design and management is low on your list of favorite subjects to teach. It may (or may not?) be of comfort to know you aren't alone in this. Here are a few comments from teachers like you who shared how and why they found us...microsoft access exercises

Sound familiar? We've found that teaching Microsoft Access tends to be a love it or hate it experience for teachers. So where can you find Microsoft Access lessons and exercises that will make you look like a pro (even if you don't feel like one)?

Search for Microsoft Access skills lessons

GCF Learn Free has some great lessons for both Access 2010 and Access 2013 that you could assign to your students. There are videos and walkthroughs for many of the basics, each organized by what skill is being taught.

One way to use this resource could be to flip your classroom. Tell your students what to go over at home and then when they are in class, use what they learned to complete an activity relating to those skills.

If you have never used Teachers Pay Teachers, this is a great time to look into it. It is a great resource if you have a little bit of time and don’t mind spending a few dollars. There are a number of Microsoft Access lesson ideas on the site. It will take a little digging, but you might find one that you can add to your classroom. I love this one about creating a candy database!

And of course, you can go to the source! Another option is Microsoft’s own Microsoft IT Academy Program. Here you’ll find customizable lesson plans. You will also find all sorts of valuable information and content for developing and refining your own computer applications lesson plans for Microsoft Access exercises. You can also check out Microsoft in Education for some great ideas.

Complete Microsoft Access exercises and resources

Business&ITCenter21 provides a complete module on Microsoft Access Fundamentals. In the module, students will learn basic database theory and gain practical experience with Microsoft Access 2013 (a 2010 version is also available). The module includes hands on lessons where students create databases, tables, forms, queries, and reports. Students also use several methods for entering, maintaining, finding, and browsing data. Here's what you'll find in the module...

Introduction to Microsoft Access Unit

In this unit students will take a tour of Microsoft Access 2013 and be introduced to databases, tables, records and fields. They'll learn about data integrity and the difference between a database and a database management system. Students will use Microsoft Access 2013 to open and save databases, use data sheets and form views, and search and update records.

Lesson 1- Microsoft Access Tour

  • Define Database, Table, Record & Field
  • Understand Why Data Integrity is Important
  • Difference between Databases and Database Management Systems
  • Use Microsoft Access Views

Lesson 2- Getting Started in Microsoft Access

  • Add, Update & Delete Records
  • Use the Data Sheet & Form Views
  • Search for a Record
  • Open & Save Databases

Database Tables Unit

In this unit students will learn how to create their own Microsoft Access 2013 database tables and forms. In Access they'll learn how to use data sheet views, add fields to a form, and arrange controls on a form. Additionally, students will be taught about data types and primary keys.

Lesson 1- Create a Table

  • Create an empty database
  • Create a TableCreate a Form in Microsoft Access
  • Use the Data Sheet View
  • Describe Data Types & Primary Keys

Lesson 2- Create a Form

  • Create a blank form
  • Add fields to a form
  • Arrange controls on a form
  • Show & Hide the Navigation Pane

Queries and Reports Unit

In this unit students will learn how to search, sort and filter database tables in Microsoft Access 2013. They will learn about table relationships and understand primary and foreign keys. Students will then create queries between tables, used the Query Wizard and filter query results in Access 2013. Finally, students will use Access 2013 to create a report based on a query.

Lesson 1- Searching & Filtering

  • Sort Tables in Ascending and Descending Order
  • Filter Tables and Reset Filters
  • Search for records in a table

Lesson 2- Queries & Relationships

  • Understand Table Relationships
  • Understand Primary & Foreign Keys
  • Create a relationship between tables
  • Create a query using the Query Wizard
  • Filter query results

Lesson 3- Reports

  • Create a summary query
  • Create a report, using the report wizard
  • Print Preview
  • Format reports

Your Microsoft Access assignments!

I must confess that I'm a huge Microsoft Access fan! I think databases are really cool and being able to harness data and use it effectively is an amazing skill to have. For those of you computer applications teachers that are less than impressed with databases (or strategically plan vacation during that week), I challenge you not only to teach Microsoft Access like a pro, but also to go through and do these Microsoft Access assignments yourself! Who knows, you might become a fan as well.

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