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New Guide to ICT Lesson Plans: Aligning to Standards

December 29th, 2015 | 5 min. read

Sarah Layton

Sarah Layton

Sarah is a contributing author to the AES blog. She is committed to helping instructors and students succeed both in and out of the classroom.

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Are you struggling to align your ICT lesson plans to the standards? From talking to CTE administrators and teachers, we know that this can be particularly challenging to the 10-15% teachers that are new to middle and high school business education every year.

Adding to that difficulty, many of these teachers came from industry and receive an alternate teacher certificate from the state. Putting together an introduction to business computer applications course can be a real struggle.

Florida Curriculum Frameworks

Florida school districts need to be able to hand these new teachers a guide to ICT lesson plans, showing them the standards they are responsible to cover, along with the specific alignment to all the instructional resources they have for their classes. And experienced teachers can certainly benefit from this, as well.

As one business education supervisor explained, "Teachers are busy people, and they need help with curriculum alignment and mapping. Many are not big on textbooks because the become outdated so quickly. Teachers need resources that are as simple as possible because the transition from industry to teaching the first year is when teachers are at the highest risk for failure."

And assuring teacher and student success with ICT Essentials is a big deal. Because these courses culminate in the Certiport certification which is on the CAPE approved funding list, for every student who receives the certification, the district benefits monetarily from the state! These funds can be put back into the program to help it develop and grow.

By completing the ICT Essentials 1, 2, and 3 courses, a student is prepared to take the following certifications  from Certiport: IC3 Spark:

  • IC3 Computing Fundamentals: Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Using an Operating System
  • IC3 Key Applications: Common Program Functions, Word Processing Functions, Spreadsheet Functions, Presentation Software Functions
  • IC3 Living Online: Networks and the Internet, Electronic Mail, Using the Internet, The Impact of Computing and the Internet on Society

So with that need in mind, our manager of curriculum development established an ICT Essentials Guide for our curriculum resource, Business&ITCenter21. This guide will help teachers, new and experienced, align their ICT lesson plans allowing them to prepare students for the IC3 Certification.

What is IC3?

Before we talk about the guide, let's start with a review of what IC3 is...

The Constance Hospitality Academy nicely defines IC3.

“IC³ stands for Internet and Computing Core Certification. It is the first globally accepted, standards-based, validated certification program for basic computing skills and is often the first certification individuals pursue to show competence in computer skills. Becoming IC³ certified demonstrates that you possess the knowledge required for basic use of computer hardware, software, and the Internet.”

Total Seminars describes IC3 this way:

“IC3 certification documents your digital literacy skills. The exams generally cover how computers work, how to work within the Windows operating system, basic operation of office applications, networking basics, electronic communication (e-mail), and the Internet.”

Using ICT Resources Effectively

And so how can a teacher determine how to use the resources they have to create the best lesson plans for teaching business computer applications?

This process can certainly be a learning curve for new teachers. And for new and seasoned teachers alike, this task can be time-consuming.

Instead, teachers need not only great curriculum resources, but also accompanying guides that tell them how best to USE those resources to get the desired outcome with introduction to business computer applications lesson plans.

Sure, you could figure it out on your own, but why? In the case of Business&ITCenter21 and the ICT Essentials courses, it's all been done for you.

Easily Develop ICT Lesson Plans with this Guide

The implementation guide is designed to give instructors ideas about how Business&ITCenter21 can be used for the Florida ICT Essentials Course Sequence. This guide includes a pacing guide for the first course and detailed correlations for all of the courses.

According to the guide, Business&ITCenter21 is best used as a primary tool for ICT1. For ICT2 and ICT3, it is better used as a supplemental tool. Many of the modules recommended for ICT1 also cover benchmarks from ICT2 and ICT3, but it isn't recommended to repeat modules for multiple courses in a sequence.

From there, the guide provides a week-by-week (1 through 36) chart of which modules should be covered, in which order, and which course standards are being met by that content.

ict lesson plans

Finally, the guide includes very detailed crosswalks between Business&ITCenter21 and ICT Essentials 1, 2, and 3.

ict lesson plans

Business Education Curriculum that Works

What you'll find is that Business&ITCenter21 covers most of the topics required for the IC3 certification, which is the culmination of the ICT Essentials courses. It's business education curriculum that works. If you are really concerned about how to align ICT Essentials content to IC3 certification, take a look at our correlation to the IC3 certification standards. Those standards are covered in these modules:

Computing Systems
  • Computers, Information Processing and
  • Storage
  • Operating Systems and Networks
  • Web Browsers, Email and Safe
  • Computing
Microsoft Office Fundamentals
  • Office Fundamentals
Microsoft Access Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Microsoft Access
  • Database Tables
  • Queries & Reports
Microsoft Word Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Microsoft Word
  • Paragraph & Document Formatting
Microsoft Excel Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Excel Formatting
Microsoft PowerPoint Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Text Boxes, Links & Graphics
Microsoft Excel Skills Project
  • Worksheet Data and Cells
  • Functions, Formulas and Tables
  • Workbooks, Worksheets and Charts
  • What-If Analysis and Printing
Microsoft Word Skills Project
  • Research and Draft a Document
  • Peer Review a Document
  • Revise, Edit and Publish a Document
Microsoft PowerPoint Skills Project
  • Start Your Presentation
  • Build Slides and Format Objects
  • Animations, Transitions, and Final Review
Microsoft Publisher Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Microsoft Publisher
  • Creating Publications
Digital Citizenship
  • Digital Literacy
  • Digital Communication
  • Online Safety
Web Research
  • Seek It
  • Find It
  • Evaluate It

Covering Business Computer Applications Content with Confidence

Preparing students for IC3 certification is big job, but with the right resources you are on the road to success for your students with business computer applications lesson plans. Add to those resources a guided weekly pacing plan with detailed crosswalks, and you can develop ICT lesson plans with confidence.

ICT Essentials Guide