Today's Class vs HealthCenter21: Which Is Really Better? Blog Feature
Sarah Layton

By: Sarah Layton on January 25th, 2016

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Today's Class vs HealthCenter21: Which Is Really Better?

Health Science | Today’s Class

Teachers know that modern digital curriculum can be a real time saver.

However, it can take a considerable amount of time just to research and figure out which health science curriculum is the right choice for you and your classroom.

We know, because we talk to teachers just like you every day who are struggling to find the time to try out and test digital and cloud-based curriculum options.

There's a fear of wasted time on a tool that ends up not being the right one for you.

But there's also the fear of passing over something that might have been your teaching lifesaver!

In our efforts to help with those real fears, we've taken a look at the popular Today's Class and our own HealthCenter21.

Our hope is that we can save you a bit of time by helping you get a better understanding of these two options.

So, Today's Class versus HealthCenter21 — which is better?

Well that depends on you and your preferences. 

The Today's Class Curriculum

Today’s Class comes with all of the bells and whistles designed to save teachers time and improve student learning.

Teachers configure the system in the learning management platform.

Then students sign in to view content and take quizzes. Today’s Class is a favorite digital curriculum for many teachers.

They offer curriculum for many career pathways, but this review will focus on their Health Science and Anatomy & Physiology products.


today's class
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First, Today’s Class offers elearning resources for health science educators, with content ranging from basic theory to advanced services and procedures.

Today's Class has 18 courses for health science, covering topics such as medical math, medical terminology, anatomy & physiology, and life systems (digestive, circulatory, etc.).

Students proceed at their own pace. Interactive animation and games help students grasp concepts, and Today's Class also provides study guides with illustrated pages. 

Many courses also come with printable certificates upon completion. 

The Today's Class Learning Management System

The Today's Class learning management system checks all of the boxes for most teachers.

Student enrollment is easy, quizzes are automatically assessed, reports are available, and a gradebook is provided.

There are easier-to-use systems out there, but the system does come with everything you need, including:

  • Student enrollment
  • Reporting tools
  • Lecture builder with graphics library
  • Student monitoring
  • Automatically-graded assessments
  • Study guides and graphics for teachers


The learning management system (LMS) includes measurements of student progress/achievement, and a lecture builder tool to assist in the creation of lectures is offered. 

The Today's Class Principles of Health Science Modules

Today’s Class provides a variety of health science modules.

These modules cover critical areas that every health science student should know before entering the workplace.

Those modules include:

  • Medical math
  • Medical terminology
  • Ethical & legal responsibilities
  • Safety
  • Personal development
  • Professional development


Teachers say that the anatomy & physiology section of the Today's Class curriculum is really the best part.

Today’s Class includes many colorful, detailed images and animations. The visual tools help explain the complex systems and processes of the human body.

Like other digital health science offerings, the content is organized by body system. The tools do a great job at explaining the basics and give students a jump start on the material.

Today’s Class also includes modules for workplace readiness.

These modules aren’t specific to the health science learning context, but they can be useful tools to help today’s students prepare for their professional careers.

Some of the modules aren’t appropriate for health science students, but others can be useful.

Here are the modules that would be relevant:

  • Work ethic
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Reading skills
  • Writing skills
  • Math skills: Measurement
  • Math skills: Money


Today’s Class offers two-week free trials for educators who are interested in their program.

The HealthCenter21 Curriculum

Another option for digital curriculum for health science is HealthCenter21.

HealthCenter21 is a library of online health science curriculum and other areas of study.

Areas covered include: Health Care Foundations, Patient Care Technician, Medical Office Assistant, and Emergency Medical Services.

This cloud-based program enables instructors to “build their own course” from a growing library of content.

All quizzes and tests are automatically graded and stored in the Management System, making record keeping an easy task.

PowerPoint Presentations are available for every lesson, adding another resource for the's class

Students view narrated content, and they encounter formative assessment questions and activities throughout each module.

They can also keep pace with the content via electronic or paper worksheets that can be used as study guides.

There are currently more than 1700 lessons, quizzes, and projects available in the HealthCenter21 library, and free trials are available to instructors and administrators.

These fully functioning trials allow for students to sign on and do work and get grades.

The HealthCenter21 Learning Management System

The HealthCenter21 teacher management side is deliberately light on features.

This is to ensure that the program is easy to use — and it is.

I've had many  phone or chat conversations with individual teachers that got them from signing on to creating a course and enrolling students in five minutes or fewer. 

The teachers that I don't talk to? They figure it out all on their own.

Even so, the time investment to try out HealthCenter21 is significantly low. If you decide that it's the right tool for you, the ease of use is something our users greatly appreciate about the system.healthcenter21-student-pacing-options

But let's not end there with a misinterpretation that HealthCenter21 is bare of important, useful features.

The cloud-based system offers automatic grading for quizzes, tests, and customizable exams.

It offers the ability to control student pacing by hiding content and controlling access to quizzes and tests.

It provides a wide variety of very useful reporting options.

In addition, HealthCenter21 provides teacher PowerPoint presentations that can be used to introduce a topic, or generate class discussion at the end of a unit.

It also comes with ready-made lesson plans with ample details to keep teacher knowledgeable of what students are learning and doing in each lesson.

The HealthCenter21 Health Science High School Curriculum

HealthCenter21 provides an extensive library of health science curriculum for health science foundation and other courses.

The curriculum is designed with the "Understanding by Design" theory, first establishing what students need to know and working backwards from there to develop understanding.

The modules include a learning process as described here:

today's class

There are also optional explore projects, in addition to the PowerPoint presentations.

The curriculum is interactive, age-appropriate, and engaging while helping students prepare for a career in health science.

Today's Class vs. HealthCenter21: Which Is Right for You?

What works best for your students? Only you can say, but we know it takes some time to figure that out.

We hope by giving you some information about Today's Class and HealthCenter21, that we might have saved you a little time.

Both of these options offer great curriculum. Probably the biggest question between the two is a balance of features versus ease-of-use and training or getting started time.

It is a great feeling knowing that health science educators have more choices than ever before for health science curriculum.

You just need to find the one that's right for you!Get a Health Science Curriculum Trial




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