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Sarah Layton

By: Sarah Layton on March 29th, 2016

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How to Easily Teach Google Apps in a Technology Curriculum

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Do you know how to start teaching Google Apps in your technology curriculum? If you said no, you are in some pretty good company. It turns out that many middle school teachers are looking for these resources.

Because we've provided technology curriculum to teach Microsoft Office for middle school and high school for years, it was a logical transition when teachers started asking us about Google Apps curriculum.

It didn't take long to realize that the Google Apps trend was growing and that the need for those resources was real. We know that implementation of new computer and technology curriculum is time-consuming and difficult for teachers, especially those that can be responsible for upwards of six classes daily.

So we set about using our expertise in instructional design to develop easy-to-use, cloud-based Google Apps technology curriculum for our Business&ITCenter21 library of content.

Here's what we have for you...

Introductory Google Apps Lesson Plans

The technology curriculum starts with the basics in the Getting Started with Google Apps module.

In the Introduction to Google Apps unit, students will determine the uses of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, and identify the best applications for specific tasks. They will practice opening applications and working within Google Drive. They will learn basic tasks, such as creating a folder and file, copying a file, and moving a file. Students will also explore Google's help feature.

Google Docs Lessonstechnology curriculum

After working through the general Google Apps lessons, students will then learn specifically about Google Docs.

In the Google Docs Essentials module, students will learn about the basics of Google Docs, including how to format text and paragraphs, change the document layout, and use available tools such as the Research and Define tools.

In the Google Docs Fundamentals module, students will learn more in-depth information about Google Docs. They learn about formatting and practice applying list and paragraph styles, alignments, page breaks, and more. They also learn to work with tables within Google Docs.

Students learn all of those skills by completing four total units which include hands-on practice within Google Docs.

Google Sheets Lessons

technology curriculum

Next, students can explore the Google Sheets modules. In Google Sheets Essentials, students will learn the basics, including understanding rows and columns, selecting cells, entering formulas, using functions and formatting data and text.

Then, students can work through Google Sheets Fundamentals. In these lessons, they will work more in-depth with formulas and functions. Additionally, they will learn how to format a Google Sheet to make it look great!

Both modules are activity based and require students to do individual work within Google Sheets.

Google Slides Lesson Plans

technology curriculum

Students can round out their Google Applications experience with lessons centered on Google Slides.

In the Google Slides Essentials module, students will learn the basics including how to show a presentation, using templates, changing themes and layouts, and making changes to a presentation. They will also practice using textboxes, images, shapes, and Word Art.

Then in the Google Slides Fundamentals module, students learn more information about how to create an effective presentation. This includes the "do's and don'ts" of presentations, as well as advanced options such as hyperlinks and formatting images.

Students will learn all of these skills by completing several hands-on activities.

Bonus Google Apps Lessons

In addition to the three core Google Apps, we have two modules to take your Google lessons even further.

The Google Forms module introduces students to how they can create, share, and analyze a Google form.

The Google Collaboration module gives students an overview of how they can use Google applications to work collaboratively. They will complete work both as individuals and with classmates.

These can be great bonus lessons to help bulk up your time spent teaching Google Apps!

Google Apps Technology Curriculum for Middle School

Finding and incorporating new content into your already overflowing technology curriculum isn't high on your list of fun things to do, but it's quickly becoming the reality for many middle school technology teachers.

We heard your cries for help and put together an easy-to-use Google Apps curriculum that you can use with confidence in your classroom.

To try the Google Applications Curriculum in your classroom, sign up for a free trial today:

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[Editor's Note 7/10/18: This post was originally published in March 2016 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.]


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