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Sarah Layton

By: Sarah Layton on March 4th, 2016

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Get Ready-Made Health Science Activities on the Zika Virus

Health Science

As a health science teacher, incorporating different activities and projects in your lessons is a great tip for keeping students engaged. Sometimes finding relevant health science activities can be difficult, and creating them yourself takes a lot of time.

The purpose of health science education is to prepare students for success in their careers. It’s important to connect classroom learning with real world events. Current event reports can be an effective way to connect your health science lesson activities to the real world.

Lessons for Current Health Issues in the News

 You won’t find lesson plans for the Zika Virus in those dusty textbooks!

There are many ways to add a current event project to your existing health science curriculum. Ken Richard from our Development Team has written up two methods that we use with teachers in HealthCenter21. You can use these ideas, or modify the template and come up with your own.

Ken used the topic of Zika Virus, since it is a current health issue in the news.

Method 1 – Open Assignment Health Science Activities

The easiest way to make your health science activities current is to give students the topic “Zika Virus,” have them find an article on their own, and fill out the current event form (included). This works well for younger students who haven’t been through many health science courses.

The problem with this is that you will most likely end up with multiple students who choose the same article. Each student will relate the article back to your health science technology lesson plans in a different way, but you may not end up with a large variety.

But, keep in mind that variety may not be much of an issue unless you are planning to have students report their findings back to the reset of the class.

Method 2 – Specific Assignment Health Science Activities

Another option for current event health science activities is to give students specific assignments on the topic of “Zika Virus.”

For example, our development team is currently working on a new module for Diseases & Disorders. We break each disease/disorder down into 5 components:

  • Etiology
  • Pathology
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Prevention

The students will learn the pattern for studying diseases with a few of our examples before they are sent off to do their own research. You can use this format in your Zika Virus health science activities by assigning your older or more experienced health science students to find articles on each of those 5 components for their project.


Here's a brief introduction to the upcoming Diseases & Disorders module with Ken Richard (introduced above) and Celestial Holmes, one of our instructional designers:

Our goal is to help teachers and students succeed. Please use these Zika Virus Current Event Lesson Plans with your students and share your thoughts with us when you are finished.

These lessons are completely free and you have permission to modify them for your own students. Let us know if you want more information on digital curriculum for Diseases & Disorders.


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