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Bri Stauffer

By: Bri Stauffer on May 17th, 2016

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A Quick Guide to the Cost of Middle School Computer Curriculum

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One of the first questions a computer applications teacher asks when speaking with someone from Applied Educational Systems is: How much does your middle school computer curriculum cost? 

Though the short answers is "it depends" on this page we'll give you an overview of what impacts the cost of middle school computer curriculum along with some general pricing information.

Overall, the purchase of a middle school computer curriculum is similar to the purchase of a vehicle. With so many options and add-ons available, the price ranges can vary.

A base model Ford F150 can start around $25,000, but it can quickly cost over $50,000 once a buyer adds accessories to the interior and exterior such as upgraded wheels, dual exhaust, a built-in GPS system, and even floor mats.

These buyers pay extra for upgrades because they want to avoid regret down the road. Because most Americans spend over 30 minutes per day in their vehicles, they want to make sure it will provide comfort, quality, longevity, and ease of use!

The same principles apply when teachers purchase new middle school computer curriculum. Understanding that they will use this new material every day in their prep and with students, it is critical to make the right choice.

Picking the right curriculum with the right options ensures more effective teaching with less stress on the teacher's shoulders.

Unfortunately some classroom teachers only focus on the initial price of middle school computer curriculum, with the goal of finding the “cheapest option.”

These teachers sacrifice ease-of-use, customization, flexibility, and quality - which inevitably leads to regret and having to purchase a new curriculum to better meet their needs (wasting that precious budget)!

That's why it's important to think about everything that can impact the price of your curriculum!

What Additions Impact the Price?

Now that you hopefully understand the vehicle analogy, I will list some of the most common “add-ons” found in the purchase of our middle school computer curriculum, Business&ITCenter21:

  • Mid Term Exam Creation
  • Final Exam Creation
  • Question Customization
  • Adding Your Own Content
  • Advanced Student Pacing
  • Advanced Assessment Options
  • Personal Webinar Training
  • In-Person Training

As you can see, there are many options available, and when teachers ask about cost, we try to educate them about the benefits of each option and the overall importance to their success in the classroom.

When a teacher asks how much Business&ITCenter21 costs, their own situation is a key factor. At AES, we offer 2 different package sizes. We are focused on how the curriculum will be used in a school or district - not just how many students there are. This flexibility leads to less stress and more saving for the teacher, school, and district. The packages are as follows, with their corresponding price ranges:

Teacher Packages:

The Teacher Packages include 1 year of access for one teacher and all of their students to the full library of computer applications curriculum. Every teacher using the curriculum also has access to all of the resources for teachers and students. All teachers also have standard classroom management features and standard assessments. The pricing of the Teacher Packages range from $549-$799 per year.

School District Packages:

The District Packages offered for Business&ITCenter21 vary in cost much more than the Teacher and School packages. When we work with administrators on a district level, it is important for us to ask a few important questions before the discussion of price comes up.  A few of the questions we ask that impact cost are:

  • What problems need to be solved in the district regarding middle school computer applications curriculum?
  • What standards and certifications are you trying to address?
  • Is Business&ITCenter21 a good fit for you?
  • Are you interested in on-site training for your teachers?
  • Do you need course templates or correlations?
  • How many students and teachers would access the curriculum?
  • Do you need custom pacing guides?

After understanding each district’s situation, we work on a proposal for pricing of the computer applications curriculum and other content within the library. The pricing of the District Packages range from $10,000-$30,000 per year.

As you can see, the price ranges vary quite a bit, as they should considering every school and district varies in student enrollment, courses, standards, and teacher experience. If you have further questions about the cost of the Business&ITCenter21 middle school computer curriculum, click here.


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