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Bri Stauffer

By: Bri Stauffer on June 21st, 2016

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A Review of 3 Popular Middle School Typing Curriculum Options

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Are you a middle school computer applications teacher looking for new typing curriculum resources? As proficient typing is becoming a must for employers, teachers are being put under more pressure to teach keyboarding, but struggle to find content.

Since Applied Educational Systems works with many computer applications teachers across the US, we are often asked questions like: “Do you have keyboarding curriculum?” and “Does Business&ITCenter21 have middle school keyboarding lessons along with the other computer curriculum?

While we have a small module on Keyboarding, we want to share some more full-fledged options that you should review for use in your classroom.

TypingClub Keyboarding Program

TypingClub Keyboarding Program

TypingClub is a free web-based tool to learn and teach touch typing effectively. Because it is web-based all your students need is access to the internet in order to complete the work. TypingClub has a School Edition, which they describe in this way:

“TypingClub school portal gives you complete control over your students' typing progress. You can setup your classes, engage your students with the typing lessons of your choice, and track their progress.”

There is a great overview video on this page, that shows what you should expect from the school portal: TypingClub Overview

One aspect of TypingClub that you will love is the iPad app. This is definitely a bonus for schools who use iPads instead of computers for their students. Even if your school only uses the app, you can still view and track all student activity, just like the web-based version.

If you are looking for more robust customization and data management, TypingClub has a paid version as well. There are extra features, with more flexibility and customization.

To learn more about the program, click here: A Review of TypingClub

Typing.com Keyboarding Curriculum

Typing.com Keyboarding Curriculum

Typing.com is similar to TypingClub in that it is web-based and has a specific School Edition for teachers who want (or need) to teach a keyboarding class. This resource is totally free and unlike the free version of TypingClub, there are no class or data limits.

The Teacher Portal has a tracking and grading system, and even real-time student monitoring for you to see what students are working on at the present time.

A big benefit of this keyboarding software for schools  is that the curriculum is aligned to Common Core State Standards for Writing. Also, in addition to the standard lessons your students can complete games to further reinforce the lesson content. Typing.com definitely focuses on engaging students while teaching typing skills, as written on the website:

“Your students will love our fun and entertaining typing curriculum. Featuring engaging exercises, interactive typing games, and positive reinforcement, Typing.com is perfect for all age ranges and skill levels.”

Click here to learn more: Typing.com

Learning.com EasyTech Curriculum

Learning.com EasyTech Curriculum

EasyTech from Learning.com is content focused on the K-8 space to teach computer skills, including keyboarding. Here’s how they describe the content on their website:

“EasyTech includes a complete keyboarding curriculum that measures existing speed and accuracy and automatically assigns instruction that adapts to each student’s individual needs. The included reporting features help teachers quickly review time spent on practice, lessons covered, performance history, trend areas, words-per-minute, and overall accuracy by key.”

Because EasyTech is built for schools, it has automatic grading and progress reports the teacher can view to see how students are progressing.

The content within EasyTech is geared towards younger students, they even have recommendations for starting the Keyboarding content in Kindergarten. This document has a nice overview: EasyTech Scope & Sequence

Choosing the Right Typing Curriculum for Your Students

We can’t tell you which will be the best option for your students, but we encourage you to do a trial of each one - that is the best way to find out! There are other keyboarding curriculum options out there, but these three are ones we have heard about from teachers.

While you review each option, we recommend you have a checklist of “must haves” and also consider factors such as:

  • Does it need to meet certain standards?
  • Is it age-appropriate for my students?
  • What value do you get for the cost?
  • Is it easy to integrate in your classroom?

Best of luck in finding the right typing curriculum for your classroom!

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