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Bri Stauffer

By: Bri Stauffer on March 1st, 2018

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The 3 Best Places to Find Teamwork Lesson Plans for Middle School

Career Readiness

With the growing focus on teaching career readiness skills in middle school, you’ve probably spent a lot of time searching for lessons and activity ideas.

Finding those lessons to teach middle school students about teamwork isn’t easy.

Plus, teaching those lessons is difficult too, especially when your students believe they have those skills down pat (when they really don’t)!

You need relevant, interesting teamwork lessons and activities to help your students not only learn these skills, but also understand why they are important.

The three best places to find teamwork lesson plans for middle school are:

  1. US Department of Labor
  2. Teachers Pay Teachers
  3. Business&ITCenter21


In this article, we'll share the details of each resource so you can decide which one(s) will work for your classroom!

1. Teamwork Activities from the US Department of Labor


The US Department of Labor has a resource called “Soft Skills to Pay the Bills,” which was developed to teach career skills to students ages 14-21.

The soft skills curriculum has content for teaching six soft skills, one of which is teamwork.

The teamwork activities were created to teach students about the importance of teamwork and how each person has a role on that team. Students learn about good behavior and how they can impact other team members.

The teamwork unit is a 21-page PDF that the teacher (called “facilitator” in the document) can use for planning lessons.

The document includes an introduction section and five lesson plans which contain:

● Approximate time for the activity

● List of materials needed

● Directions for the teacher and students

● Worksheets and other student resources

● Details for a conclusion discussion

● Journaling activities

● Optional extension activities

The lesson has practically everything you need to teach your students good teamwork skills. However, there are no assessments included.

If you want to give grades for any of the activities, you will need to create your own quizzes, tests, and rubrics.

It will take you some time to create the assessments, but most of the lesson planning is already done for you.

You just have to finish planning and start teaching!

2. Teamwork Lesson Ideas from Teachers Pay Teachers


Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) is an online community where teachers can share, sell, and buy resources from other teachers.

The TpT marketplace has a number of middle school teamwork activities and lesson ideas.

You can sort the resources by price (some are free!), grade level, subject, and other filters to try and find the ones most relevant to your class.

Some of the best teamwork activities on TpT are:

Escape the Back to School Doldrums

Team Building Games to Promote Critical Thinking

Teamwork Unit from Career and Life Skills Lessons

TpT has a ton of resources available with new lessons added every week by educators.

That is both a plus and a problem.

While there is a lot to pick, you might end up spending a lot of time figuring out which teamwork activity you want to use. You may also find a newer plan that hasn’t been refined or tried by other teachers yet.

Either way, you will always have something new to pick each school year!

3. Professionalism Curriculum in Business&ITCenter21


Business&ITCenter21 is a digital curriculum system with lesson plans, activities, digital lessons, assessments, and many other resources included.

Business&ITCenter21 has a Professionalism module that includes a unit on teamwork.

These lessons teach students how to:

● Identify characteristics of an effective team

● Understand conflict resolution strategies

● Explain what leadership is

● Identify types of leaders

● Learn about setting team goals

● Understand the five roles of an effective team

● Assign roles

● Make leadership decisions

The Teamwork unit includes interactive lessons for students to complete along with formative and summative assessments that are automatically graded.

You can also use the instructor-led activities to help students reflect on the lessons and reinforce what they have learned.

The best part about Business&ITCenter21 is that it’s regularly updated with new information.

That means you won’t need to go searching for any new stuff that’s added -- it will be available to you when it’s released!

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