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Bri Stauffer

By: Bri Stauffer on December 20th, 2018

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4 Best Communication Lesson Plans for Middle School

Communication Skills | Soft Skills | Middle School

With texting and messaging apps at their fingertips, today’s middle school students can communicate more quickly and easily than ever.

However, text-based messaging doesn’t have the added benefits of vocal tone, face-to-face conversation, or context that past generations may have taken for granted.

This means middle school teachers need lesson plans and activity ideas to bridge that gap in communication skills.

You could create your own lessons and resources, but that takes a lot of time and energy that you could spend somewhere else.

To take the stress off your shoulders, we’ve compiled the top four places to find middle school communication lesson plans!

Each option covers different aspects of communication and incorporates different teaching styles, so pick and choose which will work best in your classroom.

1. Lesson Plan on Assertiveness & Communication Skills from “Mrs. S”


Skills Covered: Listening Skills & Verbal Communication

Mrs. S” is a well-known publisher on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) -- an online marketplace where educators can share, sell, and buy classroom resources like lesson plans and activities.

While Mrs. S mainly has products for health and physical education classes, she does have a few lessons for teaching soft skills. That includes this lesson on communication skills.

One thing to note is that while the title of the lesson plan says “sub plans” any teacher can use this lesson as part of a standard class!

In the lesson, Mrs. S covers these concepts relating to communication skills:

  • Listening skills
  • Speaking skills
  • Being assertive, but not aggressive
  • Tips for overcoming passive and aggressive behavior
  • Rules for good communication

The download contains everything you need to prepare for and execute the lesson.

There are instructions, student handouts, hands-on activities, “flip up” posters, and even some optional “extension activities” for reinforcing the content.

The main lesson is made to fill one class period. If you choose to use the extension activities, you’ll need to plan for extra time spent on teaching communication skills.

Overall, this lesson is a great way to get into the details on balancing assertiveness (without being aggressive) when communicating with others.

Even if you don’t want to use all of the content from this download, you can pick and choose pieces to add to your existing communication lessons!

2. Effective Communication Skills from Kara’s Class


Skills Covered: Listening Skills & Verbal Communication

Kara’s Class is another publisher on TpT with a lesson on effective communication skills. This lesson is much more direct and straightforward than the previous lesson.

With the download, you receive a 16-slide PowerPoint presentation to teach communication topics along with classroom activities related to those topics.

Overall this lesson teaches students about:

  • What communication is
  • Ways to communicate
  • Effective communication
  • Active listening
  • Assertive speaking
  • When good communication skills are needed
  • Why good communication is important

This lesson is the perfect way to introduce middle schoolers to the basics of communication and why these skills are important.

If you’re looking for resources to give you a good jumping off point to your existing lessons, this is it.

If you want something more in-depth, check out the next option on our list!

3. Communication Lesson Plan from the Alabama Learning Exchange


Skills Covered: Listening Skills, Verbal Communication, & Nonverbal Communication

The Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX) is a website dedicated to providing easy-to-use lessons and activity ideas for teachers in any subject area.

ALEX is maintained by the Alabama State Department of Education, but teachers from any state can find the resources on the website helpful.

By using their online search feature, you can filter through hundreds of lessons to find ones relevant to the topic you need to teach.

In this case, we found an in-depth lesson on communication skills called “Hey! I’m Talking to You!!

The lesson was created by Elaine Haskins, a teacher at Homewood High School in Alabama. On the lesson plan page, Elaine lays out everything you’ll need to prepare, integrate, and execute every one of the lesson and related activities.

Overall, you’ll find:

  • A lesson overview
  • Associated standards
  • Learning objectives
  • Preparation information
  • The lesson procedure
  • Time estimates
  • Attached resources
  • Assessment strategies

This lesson is broken down into nine steps, each one indicating a different part of the overall lesson on communication.

Step 1 is an optional introduction to the topic of communication. It involves the teacher setting up a pre-planned skit in which she and two students have a disruptive conversation at the beginning of class.

Step 2 uses the “Who’s on First?” video by Abbott & Costello. After the class watches the video, you can jump into a short discussion about effective and ineffective communication.

Step 3 is the pre-assessment to help you gauge your students’ knowledge on communication skills. The assessment is not graded, but it establishes a baseline of your students’ knowledge.

Steps 4 through 7 have students fill in worksheets on topics like communication blockers, active listening, and nonverbal communication. This is designed to be done while the teacher lectures about each topic.

Step 8 involves students breaking into small groups and working through example scenarios.

Step 9 wraps up the lesson by giving students a post-lesson assessment using the same questions as before. You can compare their answers to what they wrote on the pre-lesson assessment and see if they’ve learned anything from your lesson!

In total, if you go through all of the steps, the lesson will take between 60-90 minutes.

Overall, this lesson is great for incorporating multiple teaching strategies into your communication lessons.

But if you’re looking for something even more robust, the last option on our list could be perfect for you!

4. Communication Skills Modules from Business&ITCenter21


Skills Covered: Verbal Communication, Nonverbal Communication, Written Communication, & Collaboration

Business&ITCenter21 is a digital curriculum software developed to teach middle school students crucial 21st Century skills like communication.

Business&ITCenter21 has two modules specifically dedicated to teaching communication skills:

  1. Business Communication
  2. Written Communication

The Business Communication module teaches the principles of communication, such as the sender-receiver model. In addition, students learn about verbal, nonverbal, and collaboration skills.

The module is made up of eight lessons, four activities, three quizzes, and one module test.

In total, the Business Communication module contains eight curriculum hours of content. That means your students will get a great in-depth look into each topic.

The Written Communication module focuses on how to write effective business communications, specifically emails and letters.

This is the only resource on our list that tackles written communication in great detail and a lot of hand-on practice.

The module is made up of eight lessons, three activities, two quizzes, and one module test.

In total, the Written Communication module has eight curriculum hours of content as well, and it focuses on students practicing the skills they learn.

Between these two modules, you’ve got all aspects of communication skills covered!

The best part about Business&ITCenter21 is that it’s more than just lesson plans or activity ideas -- it’s a full-fledged curriculum that you can use to teach more than just communication skills.

There are modules on professionalism, customer service, and more! Altogether there are more than 200 hours-worth of curriculum to teach soft skills, career readiness, and business concepts.

(Plus even more modules to teach computer applications!)

In addition to the curriculum, Business&ITCenter21 includes a full learning management system with automatic grading, student progress reports, and more.

Plus, because the system is digital, it’s regularly updated with new resources and information, meaning your lessons will always be current and relevant. No more searching to keep up with changing standards!

Business&ITCenter21 is here to make your life easier. Whether it’s teaching communication skills or customer service — everything you need is in one place!

Click below to learn more about how Business&ITCenter21 works.

Learn about Business&ITCenter21


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