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Brad Hummel

Coming from a family of educators, Brad knows both the joys and challenges of teaching well. Through his own teaching background, he’s experienced both firsthand. As a writer for iCEV, Brad’s goal is to help teachers empower their students by listening to educators’ concerns and creating content that answers their most pressing questions about career and technical education.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) | Special Populations

By: Brad Hummel
March 30th, 2023

As a CTE teacher, chances are that you have or will have special populations students in your classroom. Meeting these students' individual needs is critical for their success now and in their future careers. But without effective strategies in place, you could feel overwhelmed and unable to help.

Business Education | Career Readiness | High School | Professionalism

By: Brad Hummel
March 28th, 2023

If you teach business education to high school students, chances are that you need to cover job interview skills as part of your career readiness lessons. After all, developing these skills can mean the difference between students earning jobs and not getting the opportunities they deserve.


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Career and Technical Education (CTE) | Agricultural Science

By: Brad Hummel
March 15th, 2023

If you teach in a CTE agricultural education program, chances are that you've heard about meeting AFNR standards. But what are these standards? Who sets them, and why is it critical to satisfy these standards in your classroom instruction?

Digital Curriculum | Architecture

By: Brad Hummel
March 7th, 2023

If you teach architecture in high school, finding the right curriculum to use in your class is critical. Whether you are establishing a new program or your current resources are no longer meeting your needs, picking the right CTE principles of architecture curriculum will set your students up for success in their future careers.

Digital Curriculum | High School | Automotive

By: Brad Hummel
March 2nd, 2023

As a high school automotive teacher, it's critical to have a strong curriculum that meets your standards. When your students learn with an up-to-date automotive curriculum, they'll be ready for the challenges facing them when working in the industry. But if they don't have the latest information, they won't be able to work with today’s cars and technologies.

By: Brad Hummel
February 22nd, 2023

As a Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) teacher, you’ve probably been introduced to FCCLA. Chances are you’ve heard that your students can gain career experience and even earn scholarships. You might even have thought about starting an FCCLA chapter yourself.