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The latest ideas, tips, and trends for CTE, career readiness, business education, and computer applications teachers.

Emma Stanton

Emma plays a critical role in facilitating communication between valued educators and AES, daily. It's paramount for her to understand the needs and perspective of our teachers to ensure our mutual success, and add value wherever possible.

Health Science | AMCA CMAC

By: Emma Stanton
May 19th, 2021

The AMCA CMAC exam is an industry certification that measures students’ knowledge and skills needed to become a clinical medical assistant (CMA).

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

By: Emma Stanton
March 25th, 2021

Are you struggling to maintain a connection with students during hybrid or remote learning? Do you want to incorporate videos as another way to increase engagement in your classes?  If so, you’re in the right place.

Keeping Students Engaged in CTE: Part 1

Do you struggle to keep your students engaged during your lessons?

Download this free eBook to learn the Do's & Dont's of Student Engagement.

Computer Applications | Microsoft Office

By: Emma Stanton
December 17th, 2020

As a computer applications curriculum developer, we work with thousands of teachers every year. Many are looking for new resources to teach their students how to use Microsoft Office.

National Health Science Assessment | NCHSE | National Health Science Standards

By: Emma Stanton
December 3rd, 2020

Are you new to teaching CTE health science classes? If so, you’re probably looking for direction on what topics to teach and how to organize your syllabus.

Computer Applications | Microsoft Office | Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

By: Emma Stanton
November 5th, 2020

Are you a computer applications teacher charged with teaching Microsoft Office and preparing students for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification?