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The latest ideas, tips, strategies and trends for CTE teachers and administrators.

Joshua Witherspoon

After serving as a Texas FFA state officer in 2018, Josh Witherspoon joined the iCEV team as a part-time employee for 3 years before taking on the role of content development specialist in 2022. Witherspoon holds a bachelor's degree in agricultural communications from Texas Tech University, in which his experience and proficiency in writing, marketing and CTE allow him to effectively communicate the successes of CTE educators and students and the value iCEV has to offer.

Agricultural Science

By: Joshua Witherspoon
March 29th, 2023

Much like the natural ecosystems that make up the world around us, the success of your classroom and students depends on the structure and support provided for them to grow. 

Agricultural Science

By: Joshua Witherspoon
March 8th, 2023

The agriculture industry is constantly changing and evolving, offering unmatched opportunities for today’s students.


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Middle School | STEM

By: Joshua Witherspoon
March 1st, 2023

Imagine developing code for a website or prototyping a new machine: at age twelve.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) | Agricultural Science

By: Joshua Witherspoon
February 16th, 2023

As an agriculture science teacher and FFA advisor, you understand and have seen the value students gain from being involved in the National FFA Organization. However, when tasked with dedicating an entire week to highlighting and celebrating the value of FFA, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Industry Certifications

By: Joshua Witherspoon
November 30th, 2022

Whether you’re a teacher looking to promote certification recipients or an individual looking for the best way to talk about your certification to prospective employers, knowing how to communicate the value of hiring an industry certification earner is extremely important. In this blog we’ll share iCEV’s infographic on 5 Great Reasons You Should Hire Industry-Certified Applicants. We’ll also discuss when and where to share the infographic to best promote the knowledge and skills gained from earning an industry certification.

Student Engagement | Teacher & Classroom Resources

By: Joshua Witherspoon
November 16th, 2022

Teacher-student rapport is defined as a close bond between instructors and learners enabling them to work jointly in classroom contexts. As a mutually beneficial facet of a positive learning environment, rapport helps motivate students and ensures the teacher can provide support throughout the learning process. In this blog we will explore the value of building rapport with your students as well as ideas and tips for building lasting rapport to create a more positive and productive environment for all learners in your classroom.