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IC3 Certification | Business&ITCenter21 | Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

What Professional Certifications Does Business&ITCenter21 Align With?

August 23rd, 2022 | 5 min. read

Mike Cescon

Mike Cescon

With past experience in teaching, a couple of degrees in writing, and an upbringing immersed in medical jargon, Mike is positioned well to hear out the most common questions teachers ask about the AES curriculum. His goal is to write content that quickly and effectively answers these questions so you can back to what matters - teaching your students.

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If you’re a business or computer teacher looking for new curriculum, one of your top priorities is finding materials you can use to prepare your students for valuable professional certifications

Though AES is not a certification provider, teachers like you across the country use our curriculum to prepare their students to take these certification exams and pick up essential skills. 

So what certification exams does Business&ITCenter21 align with?

In this article, you’ll discover an overview of each certification Business&ITCenter21 aligns with and how you can use AES to ensure your students pass. These certifications include: 

  • MOS Word
  • MOS Excel
  • MOS PowerPoints
  • IC3 Spark

One thing to note is that these are not the only certifications that Business&ITCenter21 may align with. Instead, these are simply the certifications for which we have constructed guides directly aligning our curriculum to them. 

In other words, while we don’t provide documented alignments for every certification out there, Business&ITCenter21 may still be an excellent resource to help cover those certifications in your course. 

Microsoft Office Specialist Word Exam

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Word 2019 exam measures student knowledge and competency regarding the main features of Microsoft Word. 

The MOS Word 2019 exam is comprised of 35 questions, and tests students through the use of in-app projects that span five domains: 

  1. Manage documents (20-25%)
  2. Insert and format text, paragraphs, and sections (20-25%)
  3. Manage tables and lists (15-20%)
  4. Create and manage references (5-10%)
  5. Insert and format graphic elements (15-20%)
  6. Manage document collaboration (5-10%)

Depending on the specific version of the exam your students take, the above percentages will vary.

No matter how your exam looks, however, Business&ITCenter21 will go a long way toward preparing your students to take it. This is because it teaches foundational Word skills that will serve them in a variety of circumstances. 

See the full breakdown of how Business&ITCenter21 aligns to the MOS Word certification:

Download the MOS Word Exam Guide >

Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Exam

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Excel 2019 exam tests a student’s fundamental understanding and usage of Microsoft Excel. 

The MOS Excel 2019 exam consists of 35 questions, and assesses the knowledge and skills of students through in-app projects across five domains: 

  1. Create and Manage Worksheets and Workbooks (30-35%)
  2. Manage Data Cells and Ranges (15-20%)
  3. Create Tables (15-20%)
  4. Perform Operations with Formulas and Functions (10-15%)
  5. Create Charts and Objects (15-20%)

It’s important to remember that these percentages will vary depending on the exact version of the exam your students receive. 

Regardless of how your exam looks, however, Business&ITCenter21 will help you teach your kids the foundational Excel skills they need to pass. 

When reviewing the MOS Excel exam guide, you’ll discover that Business&ITCenter21 aligns directly with much of the material on the exam:

Download the MOS Excel Exam Guide >

Microsoft Office Specialist PowerPoint Exam

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) PowerPoint 2019 exam tests a student’s knowledge and ability to use Microsoft PowerPoint, including creating and editing presentations and slideshows. 

The MOS PowerPoint exam is made up of questions that assess student knowledge across five domains:

  1. Manage slides and presentations (30-35%)
  2. Insert and format text, shapes, and images (20-25%)
  3. Insert tables, charts, SmartArt, and media (20-25%)
  4. Apply transitions and animations (10-15%)
  5. Manage multiple presentations (5-10%)

Depending on the version of the exam your students receive, these percentages may vary, and your students may get a different number of questions in each of these domains. 

No matter what your exam looks like, however, Business&ITCenter21 will provide your students with the foundational skills and knowledge they need to succeed. 

Discover how well Business&ITCenter21 aligns with this exam in our MOS PowerPoint exam guide: 

Download the MOS PowerPoint Exam Guide >

IC3 Spark Exam

The Internet Core Competency Certification (IC3) Spark exam tests student comprehension of topic areas like computing fundamentals, key applications, and what it means to live online. 

The IC3 Spark exam is comprised of 45 questions that assess student knowledge according to 12 exam objectives: 

  1. Operating System Basics
  2. Computer Hardware and Concepts
  3. Computer Software and Concepts
  4. Common Application Features
  5. Word Processing Activities
  6. Spreadsheet Activities
  7. Presentation Activities
  8. Browsers
  9. Digital Communication
  10. Digital Citizenship
  11. Safe Computing
  12. Research Fluency

These domains become more complex as they go along, with the earlier ones being simpler than the later ones. This means students are assessed on more challenging material the further they get into the exam. 

With the foundational knowledge that Business&ITCenter21 offers students, however, it becomes a solid choice to ensure your students are prepared for the IC3 Spark exam. In fact, much of the curriculum within Business&ITCenter21 was developed to correlate directly with IC3 certification standards. 

See how well Business&ITCenter21 aligns with IC3 Spark in our exam crosswalk: 

Download the IC3 Spark Exam Crosswalk >

Want to Know Which Subjects You Can Teach with Business&ITCenter21?

In this article, you’ve discovered the structures of several certification exams, and how Business&ITCenter21 aligns with them. Overall, with the strong foundational knowledge and skills practice it provides, our curriculum does a great job of equipping students with the skills they need to pass. 

Even if you don’t plan on teach a certification in your class, Business&ITCenter21 is an excellent resource to help you save time and meet your course standards. 

The next thing you’re probably wondering, then, is what courses and subjects you can actually use Business&ITCenter21 to teach. 

If you want to know what subjects Business&ITCenter21 can help you cover, check out these articles: What Computer Applications Topics Can I Teach with AES? and What Business Courses Can I Teach with AES?