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Sarah Layton

By: Sarah Layton on May 1st, 2020

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The Ultimate Guide to Career Readiness Lesson Plans

Career Exploration | Career Readiness

Would you consider yourself a master of career readiness lesson plans?

More importantly, why do you need to master career readiness curriculum?

Many states are beginning to require it for all students. Some states have specific standards, and others only have a general idea that they want students to be "career ready."

So what can you do? 

You always have options like career readiness checklists. There's also curriculum to help you teach career readiness!

But this is only the beginning.

To truly prepare to teach your students career readiness, read this guide to help become a career readiness master!

Why Do You Need College and Career Readiness Lesson Plans?

You need college and career readiness lesson plans for a number of reasons. For many teachers, the most pressing reason you need them is that your school requires all students to complete career readiness curriculum to be eligible for graduation.

College and Career Readiness Lesson PlansOhio teachers must now cover Strand 1 Business Operations/21st Century Skills standards with all students. In this article, find out how Ohio is leading the way with career readiness lesson plans.

Another valid reason to include career readiness lesson plans in your courses is because employers are desperate for your students to have these skills! In this article, you’ll find that soft skills are important because companies demand it, customer service is important in almost every professional situation, and soft skills are evergreen skills…they never go out of style or importance.

And mastering those skills would certainly be “associated with managing and living a better quality of life” and helping “us to accomplish our ambitions and live to our full potential” as life skills are defined by SkillsYouNeed and Wikipedia.

What Is Included in Career Readiness Curriculum?

Career readiness curriculum should include lesson plans that cover subjects like these:Career Readiness Curriculum

Career Readiness Activities and Workplace Readiness Lesson Plans

Now that we’ve established the why and the what of career readiness lesson plans, you might think we must now talk about the how. As in, how do I create engaging career readiness activities?

What if I told you we can skip right over the how, and rather simply talk about where you can find fantastic career readiness activities, lesson plans, and engaging curriculum that already exists? Why reinvent the wheel?

This post talks about the fact that many teachers and school administrators are desperately looking for career readiness activities, lesson plans, and curriculum. Directors want career readiness activities and curriculum that is easy to implement for all elective and CTE teachers charged with teaching career readiness content.

The article also touches on how creating lesson plans is hard work. One teacher even said, “Worst part of teaching isn’t the teaching–it’s the plans.” Yep, that about sums it up!

For teachers that want to focus on their craft rather than spending hours upon hours creating lesson plans, there are some solutions as long as teachers and administrators are willing to think outside of the textbook box.

There also needs to be a willingness to embrace value perception. Budgets are tight. Everyone is spread thin. But burned out teachers don’t inspire students. And teacher turnover isn’t free!

With that in mind, there are some great solutions out there, including Career Readiness Curriculum, which is a value far beyond a textbook.

You will get a library of content that can be assembled into a customized course, based on your state standards and local needs.

The library includes the following:

  • eLearning Curriculum
  • Hands on Classroom Projects
  • Formative Assessment
  • Pre-Testing and Post-Testing
  • Competency Reports
  • Lesson Plans
  • Teacher PowerPoints
  • Access to the full library of curriculum

And what is the best way to figure out if AES digital curriculum is the right fit for you, your school, and your students? Take advantage of a free trial. It’s the best way to implement technology in the classroom without making a huge commitment.

Free trials exist for the very purpose of having you try them out! That means use it, people. Don’t make the mistake of signing up for a free trial and just poking around in what is there. Take the plunge and try a few things out with your students.

There’s no better way to determine whether or not the tool is going to work well in your classroom.

Trying it out also gives you the opportunity to ask questions about your experience to see if there is something available in the tool that will do x, y, or z, or how you can customize or tweak what is available to best fit into what you are already doing.

What are you waiting for? Get started on your way to being a Career Readiness Master! Here are a few easy ways to take the first step:

Teach Career Readiness Today

Do you want to prep your students for success?

We offer a full digital curriculum designed for that exact purpose!

Click the button below to get your free demo to see if the career readiness curriculum is right for you!

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