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GMetrix vs. Business&ITCenter21: Which Digital Business Education Solution Works for You?

November 30th, 2017 | 8 min. read

Chris Zook

Chris Zook

Chris Zook is a contributing author to the AES blog. He enjoys everything about online marketing, data science, user experience, and corgis.

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GMetrix and Business&ITCenter21 are two of the world’s most innovative business education solutions.

But which one is right for you?

The best way to decide is to look at both options side by side.

In this blog, we’ll take a quick look at GMetrix and Business&ITCenter21, what they include, how much they cost, and how they’re used.

We’ll start by defining both products.

What Are GMetrix and Business&ITCenter21?

GMetrix and Business&ITCenter21 are similar products, but they have key differences.

Some teachers may find that they can use both products in their classrooms. Some may need to use one or the other. Beyond that, you may not want to use either!

First, we’ll look at GMetrix.

What Is GMetrix?


GMetrix is an exam prep resource for specific certifications.

They mainly sell practice tests and study guides on an a la carte basis, complete with a digital shopping cart.

Specifically, GMetrix sells preparation materials for:

  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2010, 2013, & 2016
  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)
  • Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)
  • AutoDesk Certified User (ACU)
  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business (ESB)
  • Internet Core Competency Certification (IC3)
  • QuickBooks
  • CompTIA

All of this content is contained in a management system created by GMetrix to help you organize tests, students, and grades.


Once you buy a product listed above, you get a “group” of access codes that let students take a test.

When you run out of codes, it’s time to buy again. That means the cost of GMetrix constantly fluctuates, and we’ll take a closer look at that a little later.

GMetrix has a boatload of other features as well, but they all focus on tracking your purchases, organizing your tests, and grading your students.

To get a feel for the user interface yourself, you can take GMetrix’s product for a test drive in the GMetrix guided administrator tutorial.

It’s important to note that GMetrix doesn’t make all of the materials they sell first-hand. In fact, GMetrix’s partners create the lion’s share of their prep materials.

Those partners include some major names in certification, including:

  • Certiport
  • Prodigy
  • Kaplan

Associating with these partners has made GMetrix a versatile and accessible provider of testing materials around the world.

Teachers can find GMetrix materials in more than a dozen different countries, including Mexico, South Africa, and India, among others.

With such a widespread reach, it’s no wonder GMetrix has become so popular.

It also helps that the user interface is designed to help teachers easily and intuitively find what they want.

GMetrix also offers skills management software (SMS) for schools and employers so you can track student proficiency with Microsoft Office programs specifically.

But there’s still a big issue if you use GMetrix — support.

The customer service features of GMetrix are behind the times. If you need help with your testing, you have three options:

  1. The GMetrix wiki
  2. Email:
  3. Phone: 801.607.5475

There’s no instant chat feature, and there’s no guarantee that someone will get back to you in time.

In the worst case scenario, that means you could wind up on hold in the middle of a class period. You have to turn your full attention to a phone and a computer, which means you could easily lose the attention, engagement, and momentum of your students.

It could also mean you spot an error in your gradebook after regular business hours, but you won’t be able to get the help you need until the next morning.

That makes GMetrix a bit of a tossup when it comes to reliability.

Granted, their product is stable and thoroughly tested. The odds of you encountering a system error are very low.

But it’s nice to know you have access to support when you need it.

With GMetrix, you could wind up waiting instead. 

What Is Business&ITCenter21?


Business&ITCenter21 is a digital curriculum designed to help you teach classes, engage students, and save time.

Business&ITCenter21 does this by giving you access to a cutting-edge learning management system (LMS) that automatically grades and tracks your students’ progress.

The main purpose of Business&ITCenter21 is to teach students the skills they need to succeed in their future careers. You can also use it to prepare students for certifications, especially MOS.

So in addition to product-specific lessons that relate to certifications (like Microsoft Word Essentials), Business&ITCenter21 comes with lessons on professionalism, business communication, office environments, and more.


In other words, Business&ITCenter21 can help your students with certifications, and it’ll teach them lifelong skills in the process!

The digital curriculum is also diverse enough to fill whole semesters of work. So you can start by teaching Microsoft Word before jumping to Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and even Google applications.

Better yet, Business&ITCenter21 is fully integrated with modern customer support software.

So if you ever have a question, you don’t even need to pick up a phone — you can start chatting with one of our representatives right away.

Our team will also be in touch with you whenever we make updates to Business&ITCenter21, all of which we give to you for free.

We make changes to update information, add new lessons, and more.

In other words, you never have to worry about falling behind when you use Business&ITCenter21. You can continue helping your students with certifications while teaching multiple classes that relate to business, computer applications, and career readiness.

Now that you’re caught up on each product, let’s dive into the next most important issue — price

How Much Do GMetrix and Business&ITCenter21 Cost?


Cost is always a big concern when it comes to choosing a digital curriculum.

So how much can you expect to spend on GMetrix and Business&ITCenter21?

How Much Is GMetrix?

GMetrix has varying price points depending on the test, licensing, and other factors.

In general, you’ll pay between $30 and $225 for GMetrix products. After your initial payment, you’ll have to buy again whenever you need to issue more tests or distribute more resources.

So on average, you could spend a few hundred dollars on every new class you have.

If your state department of education reimburses your school based on certifications, that could be an easy choice.

But if you don’t have strict standards or incentives to follow, GMetrix’s pricing model may not work for you.

After all, $225 per class adds up quickly — especially if you have to use your classroom budget or pay out of pocket.

How Much Is Business&ITCenter21?

Business&ITCenter21 subscriptions range from $799 to $75,000 per year, based on:

  • The number of teachers who need access
  • The number of students who need access
  • The plan you choose (Classroom, Campus, or District)

We know this is a huge price range, so let's break it down by the typical cost for each of the three plans:

  • Classroom plans range from $799 to $3,000 per year
  • Campus plans range between $3,000 to $10,000 per year
  • District plans range from $10,000 to $75,000 per year

Whether you're an individual teacher looking for classroom resources or an administrator looking for a district-wide solution, we have a plan for you.

To determine the specific cost of your yearly subscription, our staff needs to understand your unique situation and make recommendations accordingly.

Learn more about the cost of Business&ITCenter21 or request a quote here.

Is GMetrix or Business&ITCenter21 Right for You?


Here’s the biggest question of all — should you use GMetrix or Business&ITCenter21?

To be honest, you don’t have to choose. Teachers have achieved success by using both tools with their students.

Often, these teachers use Business&ITCenter21 to help introduce concepts. Then, they pull GMetrix into the classroom to get students ready for their final certification exams.

We know some schools have to choose one or the other though. Unfortunately, we can’t just tell you which one will work best for you.

But we can give you some ideas on how to use both products!

Uses for GMetrix

GMetrix has one application — test preparation.

You’ll have the freedom to choose the test materials you want to use with a classroom, but you’ll also have to be able to afford them.

After you teach students how to pass their test, there’s not much use for GMetrix.

You also won’t be able to reuse GMetrix resources.

So if you have everything else mapped out in your class except for the final certification prep, GMetrix could be a great fit for you.

Still, you could wind up spending a lot more than you thought if you get more students. That problem will increase exponentially if you ever have to add another section of a class, too.

More students mean higher cost with GMetrix. It’s crucial that you use your resources wisely.

Uses for Business&ITCenter21

Business&ITCenter21 is a little looser than GMetrix in terms of usability.

Some of our teachers use the curriculum to teach, grade, and manage every class they have.

Others only use our included resources (like worksheets and PowerPoints) to supplement their existing lessons.

Either way, these teachers pay the same rate for the same package, complete with the same lessons and resources.

Our teachers also know they’ll only have to pay once per year. We don’t charge on a per-semester basis, and we don’t charge teachers for adding new students.

In other words, Business&ITCenter21 gives you more freedom in the classroom.

The trick is finding out the best way to use it yourself.

We recommend blended learning or flipped learning environments. These teaching strategies have worked wonders for teachers in the past, and we constantly hear about how they’ve changed teachers’ lives.

Whether it’s because they save time, they’re new to teaching, or they just keep their sanity, our teachers simply love Business&ITCenter21.

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