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Brad Hummel

By: Brad Hummel on September 30th, 2021

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Best Places to Find High School Business Lesson Plans

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As a business curriculum provider, we often speak with high school teachers looking for new lesson plans to supplement their curriculum.

Whether you are a new teacher or a current instructor, you want to provide your students with engaging, up-to-date lessons that speak to contemporary issues that they will face in the business world. Building or rebuilding a business education program from scratch can be overwhelming and time consuming.

Where should you begin?

And where can you find the best resources for your unique class?

In this article, we’ll look at eight common business education topics and discuss where you can find resources that can help you teach lessons in each subject area.

The eight topic areas are:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Business
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Professionalism

Where Can I Find Accounting Lesson Plans?


Basic accounting is an integral part of high school business education. Learning accounting fundamentals will prepare your students for sound financial management regardless of which area of business they choose to pursue.

Three of the most popular places to find accounting lesson plans are:

  • AccountingVerse
  • My Accounting Course
  • AccountingCoach

Each of these accounting programs contains key information, exercises, and activities designed to help students recognize the importance of practical accounting.

To learn more about each of these accounting resources, read: Top Basic Accounting Lesson Plans for High School.

You can also download this free, ready-to-use accounting lesson plan available for you to use in your classroom, complete with PowerPoint slides and speaker notes.

Where Can I Find Economics Lesson Plans?


Economics underlie many decisions in the business world. As a high school business teacher, you need to introduce students to economics in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

If you are looking for supplemental materials to add to your high school economics instruction, here are some popular economics lesson plans:

  • Economics Lessons from the Foundation for Teaching Economics
  • High School Economics Lesson from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
  • Lesson Plans from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Each lesson set contains lesson plans for teachers and student activities, including economic terminology, student handouts, and group and individual projects.

To find out more about each lesson plan, visit: Top 3 Economics Lessons for High School.

Where Can I Find Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans?


Many business teachers are looking for better ways to teach entrepreneurship at the high school level. Entrepreneurship has the potential to excite students with the prospect of starting and maintaining a business.

One way to engage learners in entrepreneurship is to use activities and learning games that inspire them to contribute in the classroom and experience the entrepreneurial mentality.

These methods help you build creative entrepreneurship lesson plans and feature games, puzzles, and reflection activities:

  • Incorporate a Variety of Entrepreneurship Activities
  • Add Excitement to Your Entrepreneurship Lessons with Shark Tank Fridays
  • Wrap Up Your Entrepreneurship Lessons with a Reflection Activity

To learn more about these methods, visit: How to Think Outside the Box with Your Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans.

If you are looking for more entrepreneurial lesson plans, try these great resources:

  • Alabama Learning Exchange
  • Knowledge@Wharton High School
  • Teachers Pay Teachers
  • Business&ITCenter21

Each of these options includes detailed lesson plans and activities. For more information, see: Where to Find Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans for High School.

Where Can I Find International Business Lesson Plans?


In the ever-changing world of business and international relations, it is vital to find lessons that are up-to-date and ready to use with today’s students.

If you are looking to refresh your international business lesson plans with relevant, current, and engaging content, look no further than these resources available online:

  • Knowledge@Wharton High School
  • Teachers Pay Teachers
  • Academy of International Business
  • Institute for International Business
  • Business&ITCenter21

These international business resources explore the awareness, etiquette, and nuance of engaging in business globally and are filled with access to lesson plans, videos, case studies, and student projects.

For more information on these activities, please visit: 5 Awesome International Business Lesson Plans for High School.

Where Can I Find Leadership Lesson Plans?


Among career readiness skills, leadership is one of the most sought after in today’s workplace. Leadership, including related capabilities such as communication, character, worth ethic, and critical thinking, is one of the most important qualities to cultivate in business students.

If you’re looking for teaching materials related to leadership, these are some of the best leadership plans for high school:

  • Student Leadership Activity & Discussion from Counseling Leadership and Teambuilding
  • Leadership Activities from Teaching and Motivating Teens
  • Leadership Lesson from Scholastic
  • Secondary School Lesson Plans from The Student Leadership Challenge

These projects are designed to motivate learners to analyze what it means to be a great leader to better understand how to pursue leadership qualities in their own lives. The lessons also include activities, handouts, teacher’s guides, and other materials to help you implement leadership instruction in your classroom.

To find out more about each leadership activity, see: 4 Best Leadership Plans for High School.

Where Can I Find Management Lesson Plans?


Because business teachers instruct students in many different areas, management can become one of the more challenging topics to teach. Compared with other subjects, there are relatively fewer resources available to instruct business management to high schoolers in a relevant and engaging manner.

However, we’ve brought together a list of three of the best places to find business management lesson plans for high school:

  • Business Management Activity Bundle from Business Girl
  • How to Manage a Business Lesson by Debbie Garcia
  • Management Module from Business&ITCenter21

Each lesson plan is different, with separate exercises and activities intended to familiarize students with management types and styles, situational management, and the four functions of management.

To learn more about each resource, look at: Top 3 Business Management Lesson Plans for High School.

Where Can I Find Marketing Lesson Plans?


Successful marketing is an integral part of any healthy business, from product planning to pricing to promotion. Whether you are looking for content to supplement your marketing lessons or are looking for a complete marketing curriculum, there are many resources you can turn to.

Here are eight places you can find high school marketing projects and lesson plans:

  • Mr. George’s Academics
  • BizKid$
  • Money Instructor
  • Knowledge@Wharton High School
  • CTE Online
  • Mr. Santiago’s Website
  • Gavin Middleton
  • Tech Twins

For more information on each of these options, see: 8 Best Marketing Lesson Plans and Projects for High School. This post discusses each resource and whether it functions better as a supplement to other curriculum material or can serve as a standalone resource for teaching a marketing course.

If you want a way to teach the basic principles of marketing to your students right now, you can download this free principles of marketing lesson presentation.

This lesson is complete with ready-to-use slides, graphics, and speaker notes. It explores the principles of marketing, customer relationships, market segment and marketing mix, and the value and impacts of marketing.

Where Can I Find Professionalism Lesson Plans?


When teaching business education, professionalism can be one of the hardest topics to teach effectively. Most professionalism resources available on the internet tend to discuss training new employees rather than introduce the subject to high school students.

These resources on professionalism are perfect for a high school audience: 

  • Vocation Unit on Looking Professional by Adulting Made Easy
  • Professionalism Unit from the US Department of Labor
  • Lesson on Professionalism in the Workplace from Texas CTE

They include lesson plans, worksheets, and projects related to life in a professional workplace. Subjects discussed include teamwork, wardrobe, attitude, and communication.

To read more about these professionalism resources, visit: 3 Best High School Professionalism Lessons.

You can also download this free professionalism lesson plan and activity to get started right away. This complete resource includes instructions, scenarios for students, and discussion questions.

Save Time When Teaching Business Education Courses


Each of these resources can serve as a suitable supplement to your existing business education curriculum. Individually, they can help you teach lessons on specific topics or you can use these resources to create a new curriculum from scratch.

Creating your own business curriculum is a great way to ensure your lessons align with your standards and preferred teaching style.

However, if you don't have time to build a curriculum from scratch and want a well-rounded  solution that addresses all of these topics and others, consider checking out the Business&ITCenter21 digital curriculum from AES.

Thousands of business educators use Business&ITCenter21 to teach dozens of concepts and skills students need to succeed in today’s workforce. Overall, it helps you save time planning, assessing, and grading student work while maximizing student understanding and information retention.

For more information about how Business&ITCenter21 can help you teach dozens of business education content areas, visit our business education curriculum page.

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