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Bri Stauffer

By: Bri Stauffer on November 21st, 2017

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5 Awesome International Business Lesson Plans for High School

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If you’re like most high school business education teachers, you’ve probably spent some time searching for international business lesson plans.

We know you are tired of using the same old lessons from your decades-old textbook. With how much the business world and international relations have changed that textbook is probably obsolete!

You want relevant, engaging, and current lessons to help your students understand international business.

These five resources are the best places to find lesson plans and activities to teach international business:

  1. Knowledge@Wharton High School
  2. Teachers Pay Teachers
  3. Academy of International Business
  4. Institute for International Business
  5. Business&ITCenter21

1. Knowledge@Wharton High School


Knowledge@Wharton High School (KWHS) is one of the best resources for business education topics in the world. You may recognize the name from our list of marketing lesson plans.

KWHS is part of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with a mission to helps all educators teach business and personal finance. With this focus, KWHS has five lesson plans for subjects under National Business Education Association (NBEA) standards.

To access the full lesson plans, you need to register with KWHS. It’s a simple registration, just like joining other online education communities.

Their international business lessons cover three major areas:

Each section coincides with an NBEA standard under the international business category. With that in mind, you know all of these resources cover at least some NBEA standards.

The downside to these resources is that they were added to the website in 2011. You may need to review some of the additional resources they include to ensure you don’t teach outdated or incorrect information.

Still, you can use these lesson plans as a foundation and make adjustments yourself whenever necessary!

2. Teachers Pay Teachers


Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) is an open marketplace community where teachers can share, sell, and buy resources from each other.

TpT has some international business lesson plans and activities for a range of grade levels.

You’ll find lesson plans, PowerPoints, rubrics, worksheets, activities, project ideas, and many other effective resources to teach international business.

You can sort through the lessons by grade level, price, and other filters to find content that best fits your criteria.

TpT has a lot of resources available, which is both good and bad. There’s a lot to choose, but you’ll spend a lot of time finding what you want.

But teachers add new resources regularly, so you will always have something new!

Some of the best international business resources on TpT are:

3. Academy of International Business


The Academy of International Business (AIB) has a number of ideal resources for business education teachers.

The AIB describes itself as “the leading association of scholars and specialists in the field of international business.” It’s based out of Michigan State University.

The website has a dedicated course content area with four sections:

Textbook Publishers

The textbook publishers section is more specific for higher education, so it’s not relevant for most high school business teachers (unless you teach advanced placement electives).

Video Depositories

The video depositories section includes eight websites where you can find videos and multimedia content related to international business.

The AIB gives a small description of each resource to give you an idea of whether it’s relevant to you and your students.

Case Depositories

The case depositories section has a list of 14 websites with case studies related to international business strategies.

If you haven’t used a case study to teach before, now is the perfect time to try it out! In a nutshell, you start a class by talking about an international business topic and illustrate by using the case study as an example.

Cases are the best way to show real-life examples of what you are talking about in the classroom.

Exercises & Simulations

The exercises & simulations section links to 43 interactive exercises, activities, games, and simulations you can use to reinforce international business concepts. These resources differ in format and cost, but some are free if you don’t have much spending room in your class budget.

Like Teachers Pay Teachers, you’ll spend a lot of time picking a few resources to use.

AIB also periodically reviews each resource they have on their site. That way you can be confident in every resource’s accuracy and relevance to your international business lessons.

4. Institute for International Business


The Institute for International Business (IIB) is part of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

The IIB provides resources for international business that teachers for any grade level can use. The website’s resources are pedagogy-based – meaning they are focused on teaching approaches, rather than lesson plans.

The list includes webinars and videos that feature teachers discussing different approaches to teaching international business.

While the IIB website doesn’t have actual lesson plans, learning from other teachers may spark some ideas for your own lessons.

New videos are added each year, so there will always be new ideas for you to try in your classroom!

5. Business&ITCenter21


Business&ITCenter21 is a ready-to-use digital curriculum with lesson plans, activities, and assessments included in a learning management system (LMS).

Business&ITCenter21 has an International Business module that introduces the topic through a series of scaffolding-based lessons perfect for high school students.

The module is made up of 17 lessons and 3 activities -- broken into 5 units:

  • Successful International Businesses
  • The Global Economy
  • A Diverse Workforce
  • International Entrepreneurship
  • International Business Project

Each unit includes interactive lessons for students along with formative and summative assessments that the LMS automatically grades.

You can also download classroom activities and other offline resources like PowerPoint presentations to supplement your lessons. Overall, this module is perfect for any business teacher who wants to use blended learning in their classroom.

The best part about Business&ITCenter21 is that it’s regularly updated with new information.

That means you’ll always have up-to-date lessons without worrying about outdated textbooks!

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