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Top 3 Introduction to Culinary Arts Curriculum for High School

March 23rd, 2023 | 7 min. read

McKenna Garrison

McKenna Garrison

McKenna Garrison joined the iCEV marketing team in 2022 as the Content Marketing Specialist. Originally from a small town on the Gulf of Mexico, Garrison attended Texas Tech University from which she graduated with a B.A. in Public Relations & Strategic Community and an M.A. in Mass Communication & Media Studies. Garrison looks forward to bringing more of a storytelling element to iCEV social media pages. She also hopes to connect other CTE educators from around the country to the incredible curricula and resources iCEV has to offer.

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You know the feeling. Sifting through resource after resource, trying to find the best curriculum to develop your students’ foundational culinary skills and build a thriving learning environment. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming. We get it.

As the largest online provider of Career and Technical Education instructional materials, iCEV aims to support educators, like you, in finding the perfect fit for their classroom. However, only you know what will truly be most effective for your students.

In order to save you the frustration of sorting through hundreds of resources, we’ve found three valuable introduction to culinary arts resources for you:

  • Culinary Arts 1A: Introduction from eDynamic Learning
  • Introduction to Culinary Arts, 4th Edition Textbook
  • The Culinary Professional, 4th Edition Textbook

Discover what they offer, their cost and who the resource is best suited for in order for you to make the right choice for your classroom. 


1. Culinary Arts 1A: Introduction from eDynamic Learning

eDynamic Learning is a teacher-founded provider of Career and Technical Education (CTE) curricula for the past 15 years. Their Culinary Arts 1A: Introduction course familiarizes students with the basics of culinary arts through cooking and knife skills while also exploring food history, food science and professional skills.

The Culinary Arts 1A: Introduction resource is comprised of eight units:Culinary_Arts_1a-1024x768

  • Unit 1: The Safe Kitchen
  • Unit 2: Knife Skills
  • Unit 3: Food Safety
  • Unit 4: Cusine and Culture
  • Unit 5: Garde Manager: The Cold Kitchen
  • Unit 6: The Principles of Food
  • Unit 7: Professionalism
  • Unit 8: Leadership, Teamwork, and Ethics


How much does Culinary Arts 1A: Introduction cost?

eDynamic Learning doesn’t provide pricing information for their courses on their site, so you’ll need to contact a sales representative if you want more information.


Who is Culinary Arts 1A: Introduction intended for?

The Culinary Arts 1A: Introduction course is a supplemental, digitally-based option that would be a good fit for teachers looking to build a solid knowledge base in either a blended or virtual learning environment. 

Additionally, eDynamic Learning also has companion courses for educators looking to continue to expand their students' skills and knowledge with Culinary Arts 1B: Finding Your Palate and Culinary Arts 2: Baking, Pastry and More

However, due to the virtual nature of the course, the hands-on activities for students are more simple in design to give students a general idea of the skill at home rather than a more intensive activity in a lab or kitchen where the skill is not only learned but tested.


2. Introduction to Culinary Arts, 4th Edition Textbook

The Introduction to Culinary Arts textbook is an introductory high school culinary arts textbook from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, a leader in the culinary industry for over 65 years. 

The Introduction to Culinary Arts, 4th edition introduces a variety of culinary arts topics from culinary theory and management to sanitation and safety to nutrition and food science to culinary and baking techniques, providing students with practical knowledge and skills.

The textbook includes six units covering: culinary-arts-exclusive-partnership

  • Unit 1: Kitchen Basics
  • Unit 2: Culinary Basics
  • Unit 3: Culinary Applications
  • Unit 4: Breads and Desserts
  • Unit 5: Nutrition and Menus
  • Unit 6: Culinary Careers


How much does the Introduction to Culinary Arts Textbook cost?

The Introduction to Culinary Arts textbook currently offers a printed student textbook for $79.99, an eText access code for $24.99, and a Teacher’s Wraparound Edition for free. Bulk packages of textbooks and access codes are also available for purchase with a multitude of combinations ranging in price from $89.99 to $139.99. 


Who is the Introduction to Culinary Arts Textbook intended for?

For educators looking for an introductory, comprehensive resource that dives students into the theory of culinary arts and includes some downloadable workbook activities for students to test their skills, this could be a good option. 

However, if you’re looking for a robust, hands-on resource that not only provides the basic knowledge needed for students to be successful in the kitchen but also applies that knowledge in a real-world environment to build skills, you might want to consider a more activities-focused solution.


3. The Culinary Professional, 4th Edition Textbook

The Culinary Professional textbook, written by chefs John Draz and Christopher Koetke, is a comprehensive textbook that also offers options for an additional workbook and lab manual.

With over 40 years in the culinary arts industry, The Culinary Professional textbook provides students with lesson plans and activities for both the classroom and kitchen to get a full understanding of the basics in culinary arts. 

The Culinary Professional encompasses six units including: 9781645647850

  • Unit 1: Kitchen Essentials
  • Unit 2: Understanding the Industry
  • Unit 3: Culinary Essentials
  • Unit 4: Ingredients, Preparation, and Presentation
  • Unit 5: In the Bakeshop
  • Unit 6: Beyond Cooking


How much does The Culinary Professional Textbook cost?

The Culinary Professional offers the textbook for $140, the workbook for $32 and the lab manual for $36, which would be $208 for a complete investment. There are also digital yearly and multi-year subscriptions available ranging in price from $70 to $228.20.


Who is The Culinary Professional Textbook intended for?

For culinary arts teachers looking for a comprehensive, hands-on textbook with a variety of hands-on skill-building activities that meets the standards of the American Culinary Federation, this textbook could be the option for you.

However, while the textbook does provide robust information and activities, teachers looking for a digital component for a blended or virtual environment would need a different resource as it could be difficult to implement textbook activities for students not in the classroom.


Which Culinary Arts Curriculum is Right for My Students?

Choosing the right culinary arts curriculum is paramount for developing students’ skill sets and creating a solid foundation of knowledge for students to build upon but even for the most seasoned educators, that is no easy feat. 

Depending on the needs of your classroom, any of these resources could make an excellent option. 

If you’re looking for a supplementary, digitally-based resource, Culinary Arts 1A: Introduction Online Curriculum from eDynamic Learning would be could be right for you. 

For an introduction to culinary arts comprehensive textbook that dives into theory and application, the Introduction to Culinary Arts, 4th Edition Textbook is a solid choice.

If you’re needing a standards-aligned, comprehensive textbook that includes extensive hands-on learning opportunities, The Culinary Professional, 4th Edition Textbook would be the best option. 

However, if none of these options fit your student’s needs you’re looking for an online, iCEV also offers a comprehensive, standards-aligned Culinary Arts curriculum that provides extensive hands-on learning activities and opens opportunities for learning throughout the entire family and consumer science pathway. 

With iCEV culinary arts curriculum, you’ll receive access to prebuilt, fully customizable courses, such as Developing Recipes & Menus, Food Sanitation as well as engaging, hands-on activities and projects. 

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