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Chris Zook

By: Chris Zook on September 6th, 2018

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The 3 Best Google Forms Lesson Plans Available Online

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Google Forms is quickly becoming a staple of Google Applications (G Suite) in schools across the country.

It’s no wonder why – Google Forms is the best free software available for custom-making surveys, quizzes, and more.

This is also one of the only applications that Google offers that is not mirrored by another company. So while Google has Docs and Microsoft has Word, there’s no major “alternative” to Google Forms.

But how can you actually teach Google Forms to your students? Do you have to create every single lesson plan from scratch?

Fortunately, you’re not the first teacher who’s needed to teach students about Google Forms!

The Internet is ripe with Google Forms lesson plans used by individual teachers and even entire schools.

You can use them in your classroom verbatim or tweak them to be more relevant to your classroom.

Regardless of how you choose to use them, these three Google Forms lesson plans stand out among the rest!

1. 81 Interesting Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classroom | Tuloso-Midway Independent School District


81 interesting ways to use Google Forms in the classroom is one of the most helpful free tools that you can find online.

Essentially, it’s a list of different ways that you and your students can use Google Forms. There are a lot of scenarios, and a lot of them come with citation links, references, and screenshots.

Plus, the entire file is one big PDF. That means you can download it directly to your computer!

While it’s not completely clear where every concept originated, the style of the PDF feels like it’s a collection of ideas from a variety of teachers.

That means some of these ideas may resonate with you while others just aren’t good fits.

But that’s okay! These 81 ideas still represent one of the largest collections of ways to use Google Forms in the classroom that you could possibly find.

If you’re looking for a diverse range of lesson ideas (and different kinds of lessons), then this is your ideal starting point.

The biggest downside to this collection is the sheer size of it. You’re busy – every teacher is busy – so you probably don’t have time to look at every single one of the 81 lessons in that document.

There are also some classroom uses that wouldn’t lend themselves to be an actual lesson, but for collecting data from your students.

So there could be a great lesson idea in there. But the chances are exceptionally low that you’ll find it without reading each one.

If you spent two minutes reading every example, that’s 162 minutes – almost three hours – dedicated to just researching this one document.

Understandably, very few teachers have that kind of time.

So instead of looking at 81 different ideas for lesson plans, what if you could have one big, thorough, and documented idea?

2. Unit 5: Google Forms | Springfield Public Schools District 186


Unit 5: Google Forms is an exceptionally robust and thorough document containing just about everything your students need to know to properly utilize Google Forms.

It starts out easy – just creating forms and sending them to others – before ramping up in complexity and difficulty.

In truth, only the first 24 pages of this document refer to Google Forms. But the insight and instruction provided rivals some of the most popular instructional textbooks.

As the name implies, this is an entire unit on Google Forms as well. So instead of a one-off lesson plan, you get a complete outline of what students will learn throughout a semester.

There’s even a section on collaboration, which is one of the key benefits of G Suite that’s often overlooked in the classroom.

If you want a complete unit that’ll walk you through everything you need to do, this is the Google Forms resource for you.

Still, sometimes a single lesson plan doesn’t cut it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have pre-made, tried-and-true lesson plans that actually worked with some kind of teaching system?

Fortunately, there’s an answer.

3. Google Forms Module | Business&ITCenter21


The Google Forms module in Business&ITCenter21 is the only option on this list where the lesson plans are included as a part of a larger product.

The Google Forms module is a collection of units, lessons, activities, and assessments that are all encapsulated in Business&ITCenter21, a digital computer curriculum.

So instead of simply downloading a bunch of lesson ideas, you get a robust and helpful system that lets you plan a class, teach students, and assess their progress all at once.

You can also access it from any Internet-connected device at any time. So while your students would have to be present in your classroom to get value from the other lesson plans we discussed, they can access the Google Forms module at 3:00 in the morning from their smartphone, if needed.

With all of that in mind, Business&ITCenter21 is less of a “lesson plan” and more of an all-in-one solution that’s designed to make teaching easier.

Plus, if you need to teach more than Google Forms, you can use Business&ITCenter21 to fill in additional lessons for Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.

Combined, all of these modules make an excellent class for your students to learn G Suite!

So if you want to take your hunt for lesson plans a step further, you can completely revolutionize your classroom with this Google Forms module from Business&ITCenter21.

There’s just one question left.

How can you get it?

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