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Chris Zook

By: Chris Zook on December 27th, 2018

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The Top 5 Business Law Lesson Plans for High School

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Business law is one of the most underrated subjects in the United States education system.

While student organizations like the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) focus on starting and running businesses, very few academic resources discuss the legality of a business and how it can stay legally compliant.

That means business law is more than just an elective for high school students who might want to study law.

Business law education is essential for any student with an interest in business, management, and more!

But how do you broach this subject? You could write an entire semester around the intricacies of business law and its implications.

That’s a bit much for high school, though.

Instead, you may only need one or two lesson plans that discuss business law in your business education lesson plans.

That’s why we’ve researched the top five business law lesson plans available online!

With these lesson plans, you can introduce any student to the concept of business law and how students can work with it!

1. Money Instructor

01-money-instructor-business-law-lesson-plans Money Instructor is a membership-based organization that’s dedicated to teaching students about finance.

That extends to personal financial literacy, life skills, and more.

However, Money Instructor also knows that business is a huge area of interest for today’s high school students.

That’s why they have a whole section of their website dedicated to business law!

The main lesson plans about business law are:

  • Introduction to Law
  • Business Law: Crimes
  • Business Law: Torts

In addition to the lesson plans, Money Instructor also has a wide range of educational articles that you can have students read as introductions to business law.

Still, the meat-and-potatoes of Money Instructor are their three lesson plans.

Each lesson plan comes with an overview, list of objectives, and suggested grade levels.

With all of that information, it’s a snap to tell if one of Money Instructor’s lesson plans will be right for your classroom!

Introduction to Law is exactly what it says on the tin. This lesson plan discusses historical definitions of law, how law has changed, concepts like social engineering, and legal terminology.

Business Law: Crimes is an introduction to what’s considered “crime,” what’s considered “tort,” and more. It also defines ethical practices and white-collar crime versus other forms of misconduct.

Finally, Business Law: Torts covers private offenses that can relate to companies like fraud, emotional distress, assault, battery, and more.

The underlying value to Money Instructor’s lesson plans comes from its extensive definition of legal and business terms.

After all, one of the biggest obstacles in law is understanding “Legalese.” When you teach ninth-graders about tort and the history of law, you’re setting them up for lifetime success for understanding the legal system!

2. School District of Haverford Township


The School District of Haverford Township publishes lesson plans and resources to help students keep up with their classwork.

Some of Haverford’s resources are locked behind the subscription service Cengage under the name “SW Learning.”

However, most of the lesson’s resources come from the ACLU, local governments, and other schools with established business programs.

Haverford Township School District also lays out exactly what you should expect from each lesson and how to use each resource.

Combined, this makes for an outstanding collection of free classroom materials that you’d have a hard time finding anywhere else!

Unlike Money Instructor, the business law lessons from Haverford are focused on understanding the fundamental areas of United States law, like the Constitution.

It has students look through the Bill of Rights, interpret legal decisions, and understand the US court system.

Some activities are online as well, which gives you the option to assign them as homework or create a blended learning environment.

Later, the lessons get more specific and detailed as they cover wills, trusts, estates, insurance, government agencies, and mock trials.

Overall, the Haverford Township School District has done an incredible job of amassing helpful resources that any teacher can use for free.

If you’d like to fill out a robust curriculum of business law, this is the place to do it!

3. Middlesex Community College


Middlesex Community College of Massachusetts has a 100-page course guide that covers its business law course, listed as “LGL 102.”

That class designation indicates that this is a student’s introduction to business law, and its learning level would work best for high school juniors or seniors.

Still, the extensive amount of detail included in this course guide is second to none.

Provided you have access to the resources it lists — or similar resources — you’ll have no issue taking this course guide and implementing it as a class verbatim.

That makes this business law lesson plan perfect for teachers who want to fill an entire marking period with academically-focused classroom materials.

While this course guide is certainly detailed, it’s still a higher-level observation of business law as a whole. As a result, you can use it without overwhelming your students unless you have significantly different learning standards from Middlesex Community College.

This resource is the most direct option if you want to take an online resource and turn it into a syllabus.

After all, if someone else has created the lessons already, you may as well use what teachers have proven to work!

4. Frontier Central High School


Frontier Central High School has a robust business law course outline on its website that’s actively used by one of its teachers.

According to Frontier Central, this course was used as recently as the 2018-2019 school year, making it the most reliably up-to-date business law course outline online.

This class takes a slightly different view of business law as a concept. It starts by examining employment contracts and dives into criminal vs. civil law.

Then, it spends half a dozen chapters talking about contract law, how contract law works, how it impacts different people, and even what constitutes an unwritten contract.

As a result, this class is incredibly thorough when it comes to contract law, specifically.

Considering nearly every business transaction — including employment — is executed via contract, this is critical for students to know and understand before jumping into any other aspect of business.

Frontier Central High School recommends closing the class with a mock trial, which you can use as a summative assessment to gauge how much your students have learned.

The best part about this resource is that Frontier Central High School lays out everything, including the grading system, just as you would want to have it yourself.

As a result, you can take what they’ve created, plug it into your own classroom, and make the minor tweaks you need to have it comply with your standards.

If you just want a lesson plan to use and run down the road, then this is your best bet!

5. Business&ITCenter21


Business&ITCenter21 is a digital curriculum with a collection of lessons, assessments, and activities that students can use to learn more about business law.

This collection of resources is called a “module.” It starts by discussing ethical and legal behavior before diving into business ethics as a whole, United States law, business-specific law, and the legislative process.

On our list, the Business&ITCenter21 module is the only resource that discusses business entities and how they differ. That makes it valuable for any student who wants to understand the differences among sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, and other organizational structures.

At the end of the module, your students will jump into current events to apply what they’ve learned to see how the legal system works with businesses. 

Business&ITCenter21 also represents the shortest resource on our list.

This one module will not be able to fill out an entire class about business law. However, it’ll make an excellent and engaging supplement to your existing business class if you want to touch on business law concepts without making an entire course out of them.

That still makes it great for high school — and even middle school — where eager students want to learn more about how business works!

Why Try Business&ITCenter21?

Business&ITCenter21 comes with more than just the module on business law.

It’s a full-fledged curriculum library, LMS, grading system, and more!

Plus, because it’s software, Business&ITCenter21 is always up-to-date with the latest information — unlike your textbooks!

With so much packed into one software program, it’s no wonder Business&ITCenter21 has been popping up in high schools across the country.

Want to learn more about Business&ITCenter21?

Check it out for yourself!

Learn about Business&ITCenter21


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