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Middle School | 21st Century Skills

By: Brad Hummel
June 1st, 2022

Today, middle school students are constantly connected to the world around them through the Internet — for better and worse.

Career Readiness | High School | 21st Century Skills

By: Bri Stauffer
April 19th, 2022

It’s never easy to teach students how to take initiative. How do you know which students are comfortable with initiative, and how do you help the ones who need it? On top of that, how do you know students have mastered initiative for the workplace? One teacher told us that employers list “initiative” as the biggest issue they face with new employees coming from work-based learning programs. So how can you motivate your students to take initiative in the classroom and the workplace?


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Career Readiness | Middle School | 21st Century Skills

By: Bri Stauffer
March 4th, 2022

It’s an unfortunate reality that thousands of middle schoolers across the country aren’t being taught the skills they need to flourish in the modern workspace.

Career Readiness | 21st Century Skills

By: Bri Stauffer
February 7th, 2022

Are you a middle or high school career readiness teacher? If so, you likely need to teach 21st Century skills as part of your curriculum.

Career Readiness | Communication Skills | 21st Century Skills

By: Bri Stauffer
January 26th, 2022

Mumbled speech, negative body language, constantly interrupting others. If you're like many high school teachers, you've probably noticed a lack of good communication skills among your students. 

21st Century Skills

By: Bri Stauffer
January 10th, 2022

21st Century skills are 12 abilities that today’s students need to succeed in their careers during the Information Age.