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Career Readiness | Digital Citizenship | Middle School

By: Bri Stauffer
January 25th, 2022

New technology is driving change in educational standards across the country, especially in digital citizenship. This means middle school teachers need great digital citizenship activities to meet their requirements. While you could come up with your own activities, that takes a lot of time and you don’t know how each activity will go in the classroom. That’s why we recommend these four tried-and-true digital citizenship activities:

Cyber Bullying | Digital Citizenship | Middle School

By: Bri Stauffer
January 12th, 2022

Every year we hear the same challenge from hundreds of middle school teachers: Finding good cyberbullying resources takes too much time and effort.

Keeping Students Engaged in CTE: Part 1

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Digital Citizenship | Middle School

By: Emma Stanton
January 3rd, 2022

At Applied Educational Systems, we work with thousands of middle school teachers who need to educate their students to use technology effectively and appropriately.

Business Education | Career Readiness | Computer Applications | Digital Citizenship

By: Chris Zook
December 20th, 2021

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is the foremost organization in teaching technology in the classroom. As a result, the ISTE has more than a dozen quality standards for how students, teachers, administrators, coaches, and computer educators should approach technology in the classroom. In total, there are 29 ISTE standards that apply to these five groups. 

Digital Citizenship | Student Engagement | Middle School | Lesson Plans

By: Mike Cescon
November 9th, 2021

With how much of our lives takes place over the internet, digital citizenship skills have become essential for students to develop in the modern day. Students who have developed these skills are well-equipped to handle technology healthily, while those who haven’t may fall victim to pitfalls like cyberbullying or irresponsible social media use. 

Digital Citizenship | Digital Literacy

By: Bri Stauffer
September 17th, 2020

With technology at their fingertips 24/7, it’s more important than ever to ensure your students are behaving appropriately in the digital world. But finding a way to incorporate these topics into your existing syllabus can be tough — especially if your courses don’t specifically require you to teach them. That’s where Digital Citizenship Week comes in!