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The latest ideas, tips, and trends for CTE, career readiness, business education, and computer applications teachers.

Career Readiness | Digital Curriculum

By: Brad Hummel
May 17th, 2022

As a middle school career readiness teacher, you may be anxious about the kind of curriculum you’re using in the classroom. After all, the right curriculum will set your students up for success in their careers, while the wrong one may leave them more confused about who they want to be.

Anatomy and Physiology | Digital Curriculum | Health Science Textbooks

By: Mike Cescon
February 17th, 2022

With how important a topic anatomy and physiology is, it’s no surprise you want to get off to a strong start when teaching it to your high schoolers. After all, if your students are looking at careers in healthcare, having a strong grasp of anatomy and physiology is essential to their success. 

Keeping Students Engaged in CTE: Part 1

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Digital Curriculum | Health Science | iCEV

By: Kristin Savko
February 14th, 2022

With the increasing importance of adding digital resources to the classroom, many health science teachers are looking for new curriculum options to support hybrid or distance learning.

Digital Curriculum | Health Science | HealthCenter21

By: Brad Hummel
November 2nd, 2021

As a CTE health science educator, you want your learners to excel and get the most out of your class. Because of this, you may be considering moving from textbooks to using a digital curriculum option to help your students achieve more in the classroom.

Business Education | Digital Curriculum | Business&ITCenter21

By: Mike Cescon
October 26th, 2021

When you choose a curriculum for your intro to business course, you face many uncertainties. Will this curriculum be a good fit for your teaching style? Which will suit your students, or your course standards? 

Digital Curriculum | Health Science | Health Science Textbooks | Principles of Health Science

By: Brad Hummel
October 7th, 2021

Your Introduction to Health Science course is the core of your program’s curriculum in the CTE health science pathway. When teaching this foundational class, you are concerned that your students receive the best material to prepare them for success as they pursue careers in health science. You also want teaching materials that are appropriate for your students and that satisfy academic and certification standards.