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Computer Applications | Google Docs | Middle School

How to Teach Google Docs in Middle School

By: Bri Stauffer
April 26th, 2018

Middle school teachers across the country need to teach students how to use Google Docs. But where can they start? Google Docs is becoming increasingly important for students to learn, but there aren’t many resources to help — especially since Microsoft Word is still the giant when it comes to word processing. Plus, with hundreds of students coming to your classroom each year, it would take all of your personal time to plan and implement your own lessons. That’s why we’ve put some ideas together to help you easily start teaching your students how to use Google Docs!

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Blog Feature

Computer Applications | Google Apps | Google Docs

Where to Get Google Docs Lesson Plans: Missing in Action?

By: Sarah Layton
May 10th, 2017

If you are embracing all that is modern in the classroom, you are probably using Google Docs in some capacity. But what about your students? Increasingly, state and local standards for computer applications and business technology now include student mastery of Google Docs and Google Applications in general.  But teachers tell us there's a disconnect between those standards and the materials that help them meet the standards. So where can you find Google Docs lesson plans?

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