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High School | Personal Finance | Lesson Plans

By: Mike Cescon
February 7th, 2023

It’s all too common for high school students to enter adulthood without a solid grasp on personal finances. In the worst cases, this can lead to financial mistakes or disasters that follow students all their lives. This is exactly why it’s critical to have business or finance teachers truly dedicated to providing students with the financial education they need to succeed. 

Accounting | Business Education | High School | Textbooks

By: Brad Hummel
January 26th, 2023

As a high school accounting teacher, it’s critical to have the right resources to share with your students. After all, if learners aren’t rehearsed in today’s best accounting practices, how can they be effective employees in a field that demands accuracy and integrity?


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Business Education | Entrepreneurship | High School | Marketing | Student Engagement | Social Media

By: Brad Hummel
January 5th, 2023

When teaching a high school business class, it can be challenging to find activities that your students will find interesting and engaging.

Business Education | High School

By: Brad Hummel
January 5th, 2023

If you are considering a new curriculum for one or more courses in your high school CTE business education program, you may wonder if eDynamic Learning or iCEV would be a better fit for your students.

Business Education | High School | Marketing

By: Mike Cescon
December 15th, 2022

If you teach high school marketing, you know finding the best curriculum for your class is key to engaging students and meeting your course standards. With the right materials, you can give your students memorable experience that will open their minds to the possibilities within marketing. 

Business Education | High School | Personal Finance

By: Brad Hummel
December 6th, 2022

As a high school business teacher, getting your students excited about budgeting can be challenging. After all, who enjoys thinking about long-term savings and sensible spending limits?