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Health Science | Medical Assisting

By: Bri Stauffer
August 4th, 2022

Are you new to teaching health science classes? Or did your program just add a new course for medical assisting?

Health Science | Medical Assisting

By: Bri Stauffer
April 29th, 2022

As a health science teacher, preparing your students for certifications is one of the most important aspects of your job.


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Health Science | Medical Assisting | Health Science Certifications

By: Brad Hummel
April 26th, 2022

The AMT Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) exam is a healthcare industry certification that measures a student’s proficiency in the skills and knowledge needed to work as a medical assistant.

NHA CCMA | Medical Assisting

By: Bri Stauffer
April 6th, 2022

The Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) certification is one of the most important health science certifications in the country right now. Hospitals, private practices, and clinics are all fighting to hire new CCMAs.

High School | Medical Assisting | Educational Resources

By: Mike Cescon
March 16th, 2022

Whether you’re new to teaching medical assisting or just need more robust materials for your course, it can be frustrating to find the curriculum you’re looking for. Individual lesson plans and activities may be great for some teachers, but if you want to prepare your students for strong futures as medical assistants, you need a curriculum that’s worthy of them. 

Health Science | NHA CCMA | Medical Assisting | AMCA CMAC | Health Science Certifications

By: Bri Stauffer
December 13th, 2021

Medical assisting is one of the most popular health science classes in the country, and almost every one of those classes ends with a certification exam.