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3 Ways Business&ITCenter21 Meets Diverse Student Needs

"I like watching the kids go through Business&ITCenter21 and then discussing the topics with them. My enjoyment comes from watching them go through the lessons to learn the material and knowing they like what they are doing."

Edina Buzgon teaches the Business, Finance, and Marketing Essentials course to 9th and 10th graders at Newark High School in Delaware.

Her school has one of the largest business education departments in the state, so she has a lot of students coming through her classes.

This means Edina sees a huge diversity in her students pertaining to their knowledge, learning styles, and cultural backgrounds.

That made it difficult to plan and deliver lessons that effectively taught all of her students.

Add to that the fact that Edina had no textbook for her course, and she needed help.

That’s when she found Business&ITCenter21.

Now Edina has a curriculum for her classroom that includes all of the lessons and resources she needs for her diverse students.

Today, Edina meets the needs of all her students with three simple benefits of Business&ITCenter21.

1. Differentiation Made Easy

With a lot of students comes a lot of needs and learning differences. This meant Edina needed to differentiate her lessons, but she didn’t have the resources to do it right.

Newark High School-1

Business&ITCenter21 alleviated that problem with content that meets her students’ unique needs.

Also, the lessons vary the presentation of materials to students. There are interactive scenarios, videos, questions, and more to help mix it up.

First, students work through the digital lessons independently at their own paces. This means no student is rushed to keep up with the rest of the class, and no student needs to wait for anyone else to keep moving ahead.

Edina particularly likes the layout of the lessons, saying “I like how the ‘check for understanding’ questions are asked throughout the lessons and not at the end where students may have difficulty recalling the information they learned.”

Additionally, Business&ITCenter21 provides resources like guided notes, teacher PowerPoints, and hands-on projects.

All of these pieces work together to teach students in the ways they learn best.

For Edina, she has seen this reflected in how her students are responding to Business&ITCenter21.

“They know they have to pay attention to the curriculum,” she says. “They like that they are responsible for their own learning with Business&ITCenter21.”

2. Effective Remediation

Because of the sheer number of students Edina had to teach, she also struggled with individual remediation.

She wanted to help students when they needed it, but as many teachers know, students don’t always ask for help.

That’s where Business&ITCenter21 filled the gap with remediation for Edina.

Because student work is automatically graded and stored within the system, she only needs to click a mouse to see where each student may be struggling.

Edina takes full advantage of this feature.

“With Business&ITCenter21 I can view which questions the students had difficulty answering and revisit the topic,” she says.

This in turn ensures no student loses out on remediation — even if they don’t explicitly tell Edina they need help!

3. ESL Students Excel

As Edina began using Business&ITCenter21, she experienced a surprising bonus — it helped her ESL students learn better!

 “They’ve really become used to the program,” Edina says. “Before using it, they didn’t do well. We just finished the third marking period and both of my Spanish-speaking students have A’s.”

How has Business&ITCenter21 made such a difference?

Because the lessons include narration and transcripts, the students can listen to the lesson content and use Google Translate to convert the text into their native language.

“It takes them time, but I don’t have a problem with that,” Edina says. “Their test grades have improved and their English has improved too, as they’ve gone through this process.”

Business&ITCenter21: A Great Solution for All Students

Edina has seen a lot of change in her students since introducing Business&ITCenter21.

Her ESL students’ grades have significantly improved.

Students can get help as soon as they need it.

And everyone is learning in the way that best suits their needs!

Overall, Edina loves what her classroom has morphed into.

“I like watching the kids go through Business&ITCenter21 and then discussing the topics with them,” she says. “My enjoyment comes from watching them go through the lessons to learn the material and knowing they like what they are doing.”

Do you struggle with meeting the needs of your diverse business students?
Take a page from Edina’s book and try Business&ITCenter21 in your classroom!

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